Work Week Hands-on Plan $219/Monthly

ExcelerolDualNBackINFThe physical presence of another human being can provide a level of motivation unmatched by technology. This could mean that your coach physically shows up at your house to ensure you get started doing your morning workout or maybe you need them to come into your workplace and get you pumped up to do your first few phone calls. We limit the daily time with your coach to 25 minutes so that you are working very efficiently with the time you have with them daily. Since this plan provides physical support 5 days a week it may fit well people who want to upgrade by their career by putting themselves under pressure purposefully.

The financial investment is no joke, which means you are powerfully communicating to your subconscious mind that you take your goals seriously.

There's also a temptation with to only add habits that are easy for you; checking into these habits on a daily basis provides a nice narcissism powered Serotonin spike but in the long term are you really going to improve your life without leaving your comfort zone? You will begin your relationship with your Quantified Personal Accountability X2 coach by creating a custom lifestyle plan which includes some serious 'eat the frog' type habits and goals that will push you outside your comfort zone daily.

  • Daily check-ins to are highly recommended but NOT required
  • You are monitored daily by one of our coaches
  • Daily text messages, emails or your preferred digital contact method
  • Our coach will meet you at the destination of your choice
  • Includes HighIQPro® Dual N-Back Memory Training Software


60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


Can't my friends and family be my accountability partners?

If you ever had your friends and family as accountability partners you probably already know that initially they are very enthusiastic, but in the long term very little is accomplished. Your friends or family members may keep you accountable for a few days or weeks but eventually they will get distracted and not be as consistent with support and accountability as you need. You could even try compensating them but it's still not their job to hold you accountable. If you are serious about accomplishing your goals you need serious accountability. Futhermore, proper accountability isn't always comfortable, it can introduce a fair amount of pressure and tension that you don't definitely don't want in your relationships with your friends or family. Suffice to say you should not be sleeping with your person accountability partner! The most effective accountability relationships are those that aren't confused by other factors.

Why is it so expensive?

Primarily because financial fear of loss has been demonstrated in +10 studies to be the highest leverage motivational tool we have at our disposal to motivate us to accomplish big things. The coaches who keep you accountable are a high caliber of professionals themselves, keeping you accountable daily to your goals requires their high quality and valuable time.

Ask yourself: How expensive is it to not accomplish your goals?

Do I have to use

While has been powerful for thousands of people, however the Hands-On plans do not require it because we will be meeting you in person.

Your coach will meet me at the destination of my choice?

Yes, at your home, your workplace, your school or favorite cafe. If we don't already have a coach in your city, we will recruit one based upon our very strict criteria. If you live in some isolated location we may need to make special accommodation.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

60 Days

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What Are People Saying?

SpartanJoe on

Make a new version of yourself. Thanks to Lift I'm improving myself in a way that is fun and engaging. Probably my third most used app after Facebook and Twitter. I'm meditating, flossing, and biking/running regularly now and have been for months. New habits formed!

Austin A. on

Austin Adams avatar imageGreat personal coaching app I have been waiting a while for this to come to android. I'm very happy with the goals aspect and the ability to follow pre set plans...

Stephen K. on

Stephen Kam avatar imageTerrific! The service itself is such a simple, yet brilliant way to look at driving positive behavior changes in our lives. Every journey begins with a single step, and every new habit begins with a single choice...

Sean D. on

Sean Delaney avatar imageNot many apps make a genuine difference in your life if used regularly. This ... Not many apps make a genuine difference in your life if used regularly. This does.

Jonathan Roseland on

JRBlackwhiteA Gamechanger for Personal Development has motivated me to consistently practice some habits that I had really failed to practice consistently up until I started using Lift™
Dual N-Back Training with HighIQPro® - For years I'd been hearing about the benefits of Dual N-Back training, as a biohacker, one of the most reliable ways to upgrade the RAM of your conscious mind is to consistently train your memory with Dual N-Back software, but it's so damn boring I just could never get into practicing it consistently... Months would go by in between my Dual N-Back practice sessions! Since I've added HighIQPro as a habit to my Lift account I rarely miss a day, in fact at the time of the writing of this review I'm on an 8 hot streak and just hit a new Dual N-Back high score.
Hour 1: Empire Building - This is the common sense, yet uncommonly practiced entrepreneurial habit of working, without distraction, ON your business (as opposed to IN your business) for the first productive hour of the work day. Like most digital hustlers for the longest time I knew I should be doing this but would more often than not get distracted checking email and social media first thing in the morning. With the help of Lift™ I now practice this habit 6 times a week on average.
Pullups & Pushups - As an IT worker one of the best things I had NOT been doing for my body was daily or hourly mobility breaks. Now I'm on a 40 hot day hot streak of doing pullups and pushups.