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Social Anxiety Protocol: The Bad News

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

To actually do this Social Anxiety Protocol, you are going to have to cut a lot of fat from your life.

For me to actually have the social life I want, that I need to maintain my social skills, I need to make the stark choice between being an amusement junkie and being a peak experience junkie. This means that I don't have the time to...

  • Play video games
  • Watch Netflix
  • Watch sports
  • Watch a lot comedy or funny videos on the Internet.
  • Watch TV. Like old school television with channels and commercials every 15 minutes. I NEVER watch it!
  • I watch movies in movie theaters maybe three times a year.
  • I can't have really time consuming, capricious relationships. Like I have these buddies here in Bulgaria, we lived together for a little while and they would always have these girls over and they would sit around for hours and hours everyday smoking weed, joking and watching pop music videos with these girls. No way I could do that!
  • I don't spend a lot of time preparing and consuming food. Some people spend hours and hours shopping and picking out foot, preparing elaborate meals and then they sit around for hours and hours eating. I don't have time for this. I eat two simple, very nutritious types of meals. My grocery shopping takes no more than 25 minutes a week. Now the exception to this is that about once or twice a week, I will eat out at a nice restaurant. I do really relish good food at a good restaurant so I make time for it and usually I'm practicing my social skills while dinning.
  • I don't have any time for really self indulgent hobbies like... making art or music or whatever. I even had to stop working on my novel.
  • As you can see, I'm not out of shape but I'm definitely not a gym rat. I wouldn't have time for my social life if I was one of those guys who insists on going to the gym everyday.

Your objective is going out 5 times a week, it's a pretty serious short term time commitment. So if you are serious about overcoming your social anxiety whatever potential distractions you have that will keep you at home or inside your comfort zone you need to get rid of. At least for the 10 weeks of the protocol you need to:

  • Cancel your cable
  • Cancel your Netflix or streaming movie service
  • Think about selling your TV
  • Get rid of your video games (or at least give them to someone else for the 10 weeks)
  • If you have some buddies that you spend time unproductively with - you know friends that just like to sit around and talk shit for hours and hours - those friendships are probably going to have to go on hold.
    Give up your sports viewing habits (this is going to be tough for some of you!)
  • You are also likely going to be forgoing some sleep which the Nootropics are going to help make up for.

If you are serious about this, treat it as a period of true immersion, accept that you are going to be sacrificing in some other areas of your life for this period of rapid social skill set upgrade.

Don't delay. Do it now. What do you have to lose?

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