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The podcast about becoming 'Limitless' in real life. While technically a 'self help' podcast, it packs a punch with scientific biohacking strategies for boosting your neurotransmitters, ninja lifehacks and sociopathic tactics to dominate (ethically!). Get new episodes delivered automatically to your smartphone and listen on the go with the free (and awesome!) Mixcloud App.

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PDFicon150For those that found the cerebral 2011 thriller Limitless inspiring, there is a podcast with over 100 episodes about how-to become 'Limitless' in real life. The podcast is named Limitless Mindset: Acquire Superhuman Brain Power and Hack Your Reality.

The show focuses on two interest areas:
Life Hacking – With well over 300,000 searches on Google every month 'life hacking' is a concept that has gained huge popularity in the last decade. A life hack is a technique for leveraging your time, work, money, resources or relationships for accomplishing bigger goals faster. A good portion of each episode of the show will be devoted to sharing life hacks that listeners can implement right away.
Mind Power – Maximizing the efficiency and abilities of the myriad functions of our minds is simultaneously a fascinating science and an ancient art form. Every week the podcast show will share scientifically based, actionable ways to maximize brain power, boost cognitive abilities, improve problem solving skills, increase productivity, acquire new skills faster along with super powering the short and long term memory. The show features interviews with doctors, neurologists, scientists and nutritionists.
The show will also delve into the world of personal development and mental self-empowered but will steer clear of nebulous, generic self-help advice.

A few of the topics the show will explore into:

  • Communication, persuasion and influence techniques for everyday life from the world of sales and NLP.
  • Mental training for super powering memory.
  • Social dynamics and living a kickass social life.
  • Life hacks for maximizing productivity out of the work day.
  • The young industry of Nootropics; cocktail supplements designed to improve the functioning of the brain. Similar to the drug NZT-48 in the movie Limitless.
  • How to seem smarter than you actually are.
  • Life hacking travel and an adventuresome life style.
  • Lying: Why we do it, how to detect it and how to be better at it.
  • Hacking aging.
  • Objective reviews of brain power supplements and products.

The show is hosted by Jonathan Roseland, a likeable socialite and master storyteller. Jonathan is an entrepreneur who has operated a marketing firm and traveled the world for 4 years, he also is the inventor of the most clever cocktail toast ever, a participant in an actual bank robbery and has almost died underwater, twice. 

The 45-60 minute show will follow a content rich format with the vast majority of listeners time being devoted to actionable, useful information on the subject matter coming from either the hosts or guests being interviewed. New episodes will be released weekly.

The show can be found on here:
Or on the Limitless Mindset website:

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The Smiling Man's Review in iTunes

Addictively entertaining food for thought: Jonathan and Woody Roseland make a witty duo, and their podcast is packed with tons of useful information. And at the same time, it's devilishly entertaining! Jonathan is very on point about issues of wealth, socialization, and becoming a goal-driven, self-refining individual. The Limitless Mindset Podcast is like a highly polished hidden gem, and I love following the show from week to week.

Luis from Spain

Only writing you to tell you, I think the job you do with your webpage and trying to spread the word for better living is really worthwhile. I quite appreciate it.

Katheryn on iTunes (Ireland)

Great advises shared in these podcasts! (and yes they do work!) very easy to listen to. Still need improvement for audio. I recommend them to anyone interested in self learning and improving/development!

VON VIP on iTunes

Extraordinary approaches to ordinary life. Awesome. Funny, creative, and full of good actionable advice for "life hacks". Jonathan and Woody are both entertaining and helpful for extraordinary approaches to ordinary life situations. Enjoyed it.

Mike Lehr

These are extremely helpful techniques summarized in a single spot. I especially feel the use of compliments is an important ingredient that is often left out. Your sample questions and comments are excellent!

Notwinter on iTunes

5 Star Listening. Very informative podcast. The life-hacking approach makes listeners think differently about everyday actions. I'd recommend listening to this podcast, who knows what can be accomplished when armed with this inspiring knowledge!

The Baconation on iTunes

Good podcast. Keep more coming. I'm posting a review so you guys keep up the momentum and bring out some more excellent work

Robert M.

With so much online stuff being a waste of time, there was some real practical info in this video series. Thanks...

Mark R.

Short, sweet and most importantly...EFFECTIVE!!! Keep them coming Jonathan.

Jeffery Moore

One of the best blog posts I've read in a while! Some very interesting points here, some I've been doing, some I need to look into. Thanks!

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JRFranceheadThe inventor of the most clever cocktail toast ever, former participant in a bank robbery, almost died underwater twice, raconteur & smart drug dealer.

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