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Jonathan Roseland is a chronic entrepreneur, Biohacker, geek, writer, and salesperson who is passionate about living all aspects of life limitlessly.

JR 400He is also passionate about open source software, history and Transhumanism. Jonathan hails from Colorado but is a quientessential digital nomad.

  • Lived abroad for 4 years in South America and Europe.
  • Student of social dynamics (body language, communication, human psychology, influence and persuasion) for +10 years.
  • Worked in 100% commission sales since age 14.
  • The youngest banker hired by US Bank and corporate advertising executive for Dex Media in mid 2000's. Within 2 years of founding an entertainment marketing firm was coordinating and producing events at Denver's top nightclubs and Invesco Field at Mile High.
  • Reads dozens of books a year, listens to +20 podcasts a week and watches a documentary film every day.
  • Created Caballo, the smart drug for cognitive capital.
  • Participant in an actual bank robbery.
  • Almost died underwater, twice.
  • Inventor of the most clever cocktail toast ever (Google it!).

Jonathan is available for consulting, speaking and coaching ($89/hourly).

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What People Are Saying:

The Smiling Man's Review in iTunes

Addictively entertaining food for thought: Jonathan and Woody Roseland make a witty duo, and their podcast is packed with tons of useful information. And at the same time, it's devilishly entertaining! Jonathan is very on point about issues of wealth, socialization, and becoming a goal-driven, self-refining individual. The Limitless Mindset Podcast is like a highly polished hidden gem, and I love following the show from week to week.

Luis from Spain

Only writing you to tell you, I think the job you do with your webpage and trying to spread the word for better living is really worthwhile. I quite appreciate it.

Katheryn on iTunes (Ireland)

Great advises shared in these podcasts! (and yes they do work!) very easy to listen to. Still need improvement for audio. I recommend them to anyone interested in self learning and improving/development!

VON VIP on iTunes

Extraordinary approaches to ordinary life. Awesome. Funny, creative, and full of good actionable advice for "life hacks". Jonathan and Woody are both entertaining and helpful for extraordinary approaches to ordinary life situations. Enjoyed it.

Mike Lehr

These are extremely helpful techniques summarized in a single spot. I especially feel the use of compliments is an important ingredient that is often left out. Your sample questions and comments are excellent!

Notwinter on iTunes

5 Star Listening. Very informative podcast. The life-hacking approach makes listeners think differently about everyday actions. I'd recommend listening to this podcast, who knows what can be accomplished when armed with this inspiring knowledge!

The Baconation on iTunes

Good podcast. Keep more coming. I'm posting a review so you guys keep up the momentum and bring out some more excellent work

Robert M.

With so much online stuff being a waste of time, there was some real practical info in this video series. Thanks...

Mark R.

Short, sweet and most importantly...EFFECTIVE!!! Keep them coming Jonathan.

Jeffery Moore

One of the best blog posts I've read in a while! Some very interesting points here, some I've been doing, some I need to look into. Thanks!

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JRFranceheadThe inventor of the most clever cocktail toast ever, former participant in a bank robbery, almost died underwater twice, raconteur & smart drug dealer.

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