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Evernote is the leading cloud based note taking App that Limitless people love! It syncs multi media notes and uber to-do lists between your smartphone, laptop, desktop and browser. This free application is exactly what you need to organize your productive, focused kickass lifestyle!

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Warpspeed Reading for Hacking Retention of Book Knowledge

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Easy to Use - Intuitive Interface 

An Essential Tool for Me!

I first heard of Evernote from Tim Ferriss (of the 4 hour... everything!). As a memory hacking, ADHD small business person I'm serious about my note taking and to do list delineation strategies.

If you follow podcasts or blogs of top performing entrepreneurs who genuinely live kickass lives you will hear them talk about Evernote a lot! This is no coincidence, I get more done using Evernote than I did using Microsoft Outlook To Do's, Google Tasks or the old fashioned way with sexy leather bound day planner.

I use Evernote for everything from updating current client tasks, setting weekly goals, snipping images of address locations so I know where I'm going, outline podcast episodes and writing blogs to recording foreign language pickup lines taught to me in bars by French and German girls!

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Easy to Use - Intuitive Interface

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