Brain N-Back (Android App)

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Brain N-Back (Android App)

This the top rated N-Back brain training App for your Android Device. N-Back training will increase your working memory, fluid intelligence and problem solving abilities. Use this training app to sharpen your memory anytime while you are using public transportation, waiting at an airport or as an alternative to Angry Birds!

If brain training with software is something that interests you we high recommend you first listen to Limitless Mindset Podcast #14: Hacking the Mind with Software. We interview one of the world's leading neuroscience in the field of cognitive training, Dr. Mark A. Smith.


Dual N-Back has been shown to improve working memory and fluid intelligence, which is crucial for academic and professional success.

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Philip Nguyen

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Easy to Use - Intuitive Interface 

The best free N-Back app

I trained with this Dual N-Back app for several weeks. It's a good way to get started with brain training. I wish it had a nightmode though...

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Easy to Use - Intuitive Interface

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