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Cooking Techniques for Maximum Brain Health Nutrition

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Ideally the limitless way to consume food is to eat it raw. Raw meats, fruits and vegetables retain the highest amounts of nutrients. However, very few people are willing to make a lifestyle change to eating raw food all the time. The important thing to keep in mind is that when cooking, less is more, the less cooked your food is the more good stuff it retains.

Steaming is the recommended way to cook to maintain the maximum nutritional value. For fruits and vegetables make sure to eat the skin because that where the nutrients are. The most simple way to steam is place your plate with the food in a larger pot that is partially filled with water, then cover both so that the steam is contained once you place the larger pot on the heating elements. Or buy a steamer.

Grilling burns the excess fat off your meat and is actually a good way to cook meat if done correctly:

  • Grill on lower heat.
  • As you can imagine the more rarely grilled your meat is the more nutrients it has.
  • Overcooking or charring your meat is actually very bad for you as it causes hetro-cyclical amino acids that can cause cancer.
  • Marinate your meet before cooking, this blocks about 90% of the cancer causing agents.

Frying, cooking and microwaving of your food will strip nutrients from it

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