A Post Opp's Devolution: Part 4 - Promises, Promises

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Jason strolled back to his condo feeling like Norse deity after defeating a school of sea monsters.

Astrid had embraced him long and tight, after Alejandra had insisted they had something to attend to and had to leave. In that moment, Jason had decided it was time to pull out all the stops and go big with this girl. In her lithe arms, every atom of Jason's body seemed to command him: Do whatever it takes to keep this girl!
"I have this friend who is a helicopter pilot. Sometimes he takes me on private, sightseeing flights over the city..."
He's my 'friend' because I pay him $250 an hour!
Her eyes opened even wider, and her face beamed curiosity
"Would you like to go on a private flight with me? To see the city from the sky. The lights and buildings are really beautiful at night."
"Of course! When?" She blurted, rubbing his upper shoulder with the tenderness of a telepathic masseuse, her face a vision of infatuation as Oxytocin began to dance with caffeine in her Antioquian hypothalamus.
"Uhm... I will call my friend and see, but probably this weekend. Ok?"
"I've never been in a helicopter before! I'm so excited!"
"You like sushi?" Jason was about to sweeten the already overwhelming offer
"I've never tried sushi before..."
"Well one of the best sushi restaurants in the country is not far from here and I'm friends with one of the sushi chefs. Sometimes I hire him privately to cook in my kitchen."
I only have pay him $45 an hour!
"I have never tried sushi before but I would love too, mi amore! What should I wear?" Astrid's took his hands
Alejandra cut into the intimate conversation, mentioning something quickly to her sister in Spanish (Jason's Link picked up "rich dress"), that Astrid nodded giddily too.
"I have a Gucci dress she can barrow." Alejandra noticeably enunciated 'barrow' as she lovingly caressed her twin's exposed shoulder "So she looks the part on your big night."
"Great. You will wear a dress and I a suit and we will have a movie star night together that we will never forget."
With that she planted a big, wet kiss on his lips. She was a vision of childlike excitement, twirling her hair every few seconds.
There is nothing as divinely beautiful as a promise, the moment after it is made, well perhaps except for the magnificent curvature and proportions of Astrid's figure.

"Do you have a phone # yet? How do I text you a time once I know for sure from my pilot?" Jason's mind switched back into logistics
"You can call or text me, we live together." Alejandra offered.
After exchanging numbers, the twin figure-eight figures bid Jason farewell with effortlessly enunciated "ciao(s)" and final cheek kisses. The pair strode off across the park and out of Jason's vision, in their high heels, distracting a few joggers and a crew of landscaping laborers.
I'll show her what it's like be with a man of means, like myself! And then I'll fuck her! She would be my first real life latina... Her sister was practically swooning too!

A few hours later after, back in "The Casino" the nerve center of his little digital poker empire, after cleaning up in online poker tournament, Jason texted his pilot 'friend'.
"Hey buddy. Got a hot date this weekend. Want to show her the city from the A-Star 450. You available?"
"Yeah. Friday evening? $625 for two hours. Fuel price went up. Sorry"
No need to apologize! That's only 8.75% of my earnings from the tournament I dominated today...
"Gas the bird up. This one has cup holders right? 9:00PM tentatively?"
"This one has a champaign cooler. I'll shoot you an invoice for deposit pronto. See you Friday at Northstar airfield"

Friday morning; Jason awakened with optimism, it was rare that the prospective of spending a just few hours with flesh and blood human being was such a novelty stimulus for him.
He threw out his expired condoms. Ordered some new ones from Amazon Now.
He double checked that he had enough Phenibut remaining to become Casanova again.
He shot a text his pilot, who he had already paid a deposit to, confirming their flight time.

It was time to call Astrid. Her sister had actually texted him yesterday, asking him to call today to confirm details. Which seamed a little odd and worried him.
Most girls, abhored speaking on the phone
The time in between rings felt longer than normal, she picked up on the fifth ring.
"Hi Jason. How are you?" It was Alejandra, she spoke in low, almost wet tones - I'm can't tell if she's using her seductive voice with me on purpose or if that's just the way she talks!
"Uhm... I'm great. Uhm... good morning! Can I talk with Astrid?"
"I'm sorry Astrid isn't here right now."
"Ok... I just confirmed the flight with my pilot, for our date."
"She is super excited for your date. But she will be back soon. I let her know what time and she will be ready. What time are coming to pick her up?"
"At eight."
"She will text you will she comes back. Do you want our address now?"
"1909 First Avenue, the building with the big red door."
He recognized her address. Alejandra lived in a really nice condo building.

As he was about to exit his building to take Odysseus on a walk, a notification popped up that stopped him (and Odysseus via the leash) abruptly in their tracks.
"New Release: Dictator 3: Empire of Waves - View Demo?"
"Oh shit..." Jason uttered, as Serotonin began to flood his prefrontal cortex

The Dictator series was a meteorically successful pan-media phenomena. The masterpiece wove an award winning story between a beloved Netflix television series, a massively multi-player roleplaying game and a narrative, driven virtual reality adventure peppered with adult encounters.

The game's description further wet his appetite for digital debauchery:
12000 B.C. the Dictator begins his career as an officer in the Royal Navy of Atlantis, the mythological empire to which the prehistoric peoples of the Americas, Europe and Africa are subjects. The Dictator will find themselves a key player in an asymmetrical cold war between the admiralty of the Navy and the royalty of Atlantis. The Dictator must do battle, innovate technology, switch alliances, spy, bribe, conspire, lead revolutions and seduce to ultimately master the dark arts of statecraft.
$89 Download Now

Jason couldn't have punched the download button faster if he was boxer. A confused Odysseus was dragged back into the building and up the elevator.

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