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Hour 2: Lifehacking the Important yet Cognitively Undemanding

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Jonathan deep in Zombie mode productivity

Another fairly common sense, yet uncommonly practiced productivity strategy...

There are two hours, every day that are the most important to the productivity in your day.
The first and the last hours of your working day. In a previous video we discussed Hour 1: Empire Building which is the first working hour of the day.

I call it zombie mode because it's the time of the work day that you feel totally spent, you can tell your productivity is flattening out, you are staring at your screen, maybe your eyes hurting. Most people think of this last working hour of the day as kind of a throwaway or invaluable time, since they don't have many moments of genius or inspiration that occur during it. Lots of people spend this time chatting with coworkers or surfing social media.

The tool I like to use to automate this is Evernote, create a tag in Evernote called 'Hour 2' or 'Zombie Mode' or whatever and when you have an activity that fites.evernote3

Why don't more people practice this?
A lot of time I will finish a task that I can tell is burning a lot of neurotransmitters.
I will finish this task and I will feel good about myself and want to switch to something that doesn't take up quiet so much mental energy. We feel like we have earned the right to do something more
Something more rote and process oriented.
This is the not the most efficient use of your neurotransmittersIf you are someone like me you invest pretty highly in calibrating the chemistry of your mind to do really great work when you need to! Don't waste those neurotransmitters on anything less than a task that requires all your energy.

Criteria for picking Hour 2: Zombie Mode tasks: It's something you should be able to do while watching TV.

HighIQProthumbSo like a good Biohacker I've been doing some experimentation with my mental output and tracking the results. I've been Dual N-Back brain training at different times throughout the day and tracking the results.
What I found is not VERY surprising, which is that I do better at the game earlier in the day and if I wait till the evening after my energy is all spent I do pretty terribly.
So this got me thinking, my tasks that take the most of my mental energy are the same way, the earlier in the day I do them the better job I will do at them.


  • Paperwork
  • Copy pasting
  • Social media
  • Blog commenting
  • Video editing
  • Creating infographics
  • Fixing code
  • Project management spreadsheets
  • Repetitive programing tasks
  • Certain emails
  • Entering sales leads into your CRM software

Leave a Comment Below...

Letting me know what tasks you are going to start 'hacking' from the beginning and middle of your day and doing in Hour 2.

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