Limitless Characters

Limitless Characters: Elon Musk

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Looking for some inspiration, check out this interview with Elon Musk, a wealthy entrepreneur who's changed the world multiple times by finding the intersection of passion, discipline making hard decisions, market demand and technological innovation.
A founder of PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Motors. A few notably Limitless character qaulities of his:

  • Willingness to leave home to go where the opportunity was, the USA.
  • Keeping his options open. incase he failed at his first software company, he could go back to school.
  • Meeting market demand. His first company Zip2, provided solutions to big media companies that wanted to come online.
  • Really big vision, inspiring very hard work. The original goal of his rocketry company, SpaceX, was to build a hydroponic garden on mars 
  • Understanding of delination and delegation of management. Let a CEO handle the day to day operations of Tesla Motors, until market forces demanded that he take over management of the company.
  • The importance of asthetics. Spends very focused time weekly with design engineers perfecting the asthetics of his cars.
  • Focus on character mentors as opposed to tactics mentors. Biography of Benjamin Franklin was major influence.
  • Has great ideas at inconvenient moments. Understands that great ideas are forming in his subconcious yet emerge at inconvient moments.
  • Humility, seek out and listen to negative feedback. The difficulty of getting from useful feedback from your friends. Underweight positive feedback & overweight negative feedback.

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