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Who will you be in 2021?

All the other self help gurus in your inbox are talking about 2017. I'll suggest that today at least, you think more about 2021...

Create a 5 Year Self Determination Flowchart
It's well said that we often over estimate what we can achieve in a year and underestimate what we can achieve in 5 years.
In 1 year it's likely you'll be pretty similar to what you are right now.
It's also kind of hard to say what your life will be like in 10 years, some people's lives radically change for the better or worse in 10 years.
However, in half that time your life will likely still have significant resemblance to what it is now.
I would like you to make optimistic predictions about what your life could look like in 5 years in these areas...
Business or Career
Education and Learning
Family and Friends
Health and Fitness
Relationships & Sex
Travel & Adventure
Where will you live?
What would an average day or week look like?
I want you to strike a balance between your wildest fantasies and a reasonable prediction of how you will be living if you practice your best habits with discipline. Look at your dashboard and imagine those habits multiplied by 1800 (5 years).

You guys know that Mindmeister is one of my favorite tools for organizing my thoughts and ideas. So I'll suggest that you take like 45-60 minutes (Fire up Brain.FM for a 60 minute focus session) to create a flowchart in Mindmeister which is free and takes less than 60 seconds to sign up for.

  • I'll suggest that you link from the individual prediction and lifestyle domains to your habits in
  • All of your 5 year predictions should connect at least loosely to your daily habits. If they don't consider adding them to your dashboard.
  • Specificity is great. Actually be arbitrarily specific.

Here's mine;
Perhaps you can draw some inspiration or ideas from it.

I'd love to take a gander at your Self Determination Flowcharts, perhaps I can provide some useful feedback on your 5 year predictions but I realize that some of them will be VERY personal and you won't want to share them publicly, that's totally fine.
The important thing is that you visualize and think specifically about what you want your life to look like in 2021.

This is quiet different than a vision board, which is really just fantasizing...
I'd like a red Ferrari.
I'd like a super model girlfriend.
I'd like a yacht with a shark tank in it.
Whereas the 5 year Self Determination Flowchart is specific organized predictions based upon current behaviors which can be measured and done daily or weekly.

You're likely reading this in the days just following Christmas, with the craziness of the holidays and demands of family likely in the rear view and some time before the new year the next few days should naturally be a more introspective period for you. This is the ideal time to devote your attention and an hour to this task. I urge you not to put it off, shortly you'll be diving back into a frenzy of things to do as your life gets busy again in January.

If you've failed at your New Year's Resolutions in the past checkout this video
Powering through Motivational Dips: Reengineer Goals into Behaviors
In it I share a long term strategy and a specific technology.

What is a potential 2017 New Year's resolution that you are considering? Something you keep thinking about but that you're not sure is really worthy of your time and effort in 2017?

A big thank you to those who responded to my 2017 survey!
The most common response was Caballo, the smart drug I developed for cognitive capital.
Over the holidays I got a bit behind on email. A lot of you who expressed interest in Caballo, I'll be responding to tomorrow and will get you a shipping tracking number in a few days.

New Article
RUPHarma: Nootropics from Russia with Love - In my perpetual pursuit of cultural and pharmacological novelty I've began doing some research on Russian Nootropics. In this article I frankly assess some of the performance enhancers offered by Moscow's leading online purveyor of smart drugs. If you are a European whose freedoms of consumption are being throttled by the invisible hand of state power (or you just don't like paying exorbitant VAT taxes) RUPharma has a lot of expertise getting smart drugs through customs.

New Video
Tianeptine Review: A Happiness Hacking Antidepressant (But Not for Stoics)

If you like to read I've got good news, I recently undertook the odious task of a content audit on my site. I updated a bunch of articles, fixed a bunch of links and poor formatting. So if you've ever perused my website's blog section and was disappointed by some aesthetic imperfections, I invite you back! Also, I've started republishing my articles on, give me follow on there. Obviously, I prefer you read my articles on my site but Medium has a really great advantage that a Biohacker would really appreciate; it has a very intuitive smartphone app with a night mode and offline reading. If you, like me, enjoy reading at night, this is whole lot better option than staring at your glowing computer screen! Medium really lives up to it's name and makes my articles look even better on mobile devices than my website does!

Caballo Update:
Caballo 3.0 Synthesis Complete (Photos) - Those of you who have supported the R&D of this novel smart drug will be happy to know that it will be in your hands and crossing your blood brain barrier just in time for you to really hit the ground running and kick ass in Q1 of 2017. Caballo has kind of a secret sauce ingredient that's tough to acquire, which has been a logistical challenge in these three iterations. For this iteration I went all in picked up enough to create a about a thousand units of Caballo. So I will be opening sales again soon for those of you who want to invest in your cognitive capital. If you're interested drop me a line!

Updated Infographics
Recipe for Grandeur - A map of the +300 hundred articles on Limitless Mindset

Jonathan Roseland

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