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Tour of JR's 'Crib' + 'Being Present' Gamified + Lifehacking Real Estate

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So this wouldn't be a useful video if I didn't give you resources and tactics to have the same kinds of experiences I'm describing:
How to Use Ninja Craigslist and Negotiating Tactics to Save a Fortune and Get Your Dream Home
Podcast#7: Getting Your Dream Home Sooner & Cheaper 
Why Dual N-Back training makes you present 

The other day a subtle stimulus brought me back to a perfect moment comprised of lightening and wine.
Hey this is Jonathan w/Limitless Mindset, this video is going to feature a quick tour of my swanky 'crib' in downtown Denver in addition to a step by step guide to lifehacking living in your dream home.
Back to the perfect moment...
The first night in my new place in downtown Denver
I invited over a Russian bird I had been seeing
My new landlord had left me a bottle of wine
My new place had undoubtedly one of the best patios in Denver with a 14th floor view of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
She showed up late and we thoroughly enjoyed watching a lightening storm over the mountains while eating a simple dinner and polishing off the wine by candlelight on the patio
It was one of those occasions were I'm really glad that I've trained myself to 'be present', turn the volume way up on my sensory inputs and listen to what's said in moments of silence by body language to create really vivid memories I can enjoy in perpetuity.
Here's the tour now... It was done with a camera phone so I apologize about the quality...

ow I actually debated with myself quiet a bit whether I should show off my nice place on YouTube. On the surface its kinda a narcissistic duchebaggey thing to do!I realize in videos like this I may come across as a cocky, materialistic young man
But I ultimately decided to do it to show everyone watching that the kind of high leverage personal development philosophy we promote here at Limitless Mindset really does work. Biohacking ourselves for happiness, taking smart drugs that promote Neuroplasticity and Lifehacking to add more productivity to our hours and more productivity to our hours really does result in being able to enjoy the finer things in life.

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