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Hacking the Hedonic Treadmill: Alcoholism and Morbid Digital Experiences

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

This is a morbid documentary about guy named Ryan, who drinks himself to death. He has been drinking 3 pints of Vodka a day for 3 years.

Watch the documentary:

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About the documentary:
National Geographic Documentary on the most abused drug in the United States
I watched it twice... It's so morbid. Morbid none fiction content is actually a really important part of my philosophical outlook...
I make it a point to consume a fair amount of morbid content.
I'm not talking about watching movies like Saw.
Audio programs on the Mongols
Right now I'm reading a book entitled "The Origins of War in Child Abuse"
Here's why:
Less than a stone's throw away from my office where I'm recording this is the top modeling agency in the most cosmopolitan city in South America
I live in this beautiful South American city of Medellin
The women are phenomenally beautifull
My office has a beautiful view
I am surrounded by beauty
I like to consume really morbid content like this from time to time to knock myself off the hedonic treadmill
Part of me says fuck that guy. He deserves to be dead.
It's a good thing that he did not have the opportunity to pass his alcoholic genes on to the next generation.
All he did was cause pain to those around him and now that he's dead he cannot hurt anyone else.
Part of me believes that whenever a human being dies, a library burns. As someone who has faced the death of a loved one it is a profoundly sad thing.
The biggest difference between someone like me and someone like Ryan is 'cognitive cross training'
Going completely sober
Mastering a second language
Studying philosoph

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