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A Limitless Mindset is not just about the scientific persuit of optimized neurotransmitters or a herculean athletic practice of mental gymnastics. It's also about living a kickass, fun lifestyle and getting more of what you want sooner.

Keep Your Goals to Yourself

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Scientific studies dating back to 1926 show that telling people about your goals makes less likely to happen. The emotional pleasure of telling other people about your goal is so intoxicating that it demotivates you. So stop talking about what you are going to do. Get to work. Seriously.

1926 Kurt Lewn - Goal Effects on Action and Cognition

1933 Wera Mahler

Peter Gollwitzer 'When Intentions Go Public' Interview w/PETER GOLLWITZER, Ph.D.


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Get a Job: Essential Entreprenuerial Values You Gain from Having a Job

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    
lavish entreprenuer lifestyleFrom the perspective of pretty much anyone who knows me personally or follows my social media profiles, the whole entrepreneurial thing has worked out pretty damn well for me. I lead a pretty the lavish existence; when I'm not working my own hours from a comfy home office or a gourmet coffee shop I have a super active social, dating and nightlife. I've already spent 60 days this year traveling and adventuring abroad and am planning another trip soon. No silver spoon here, this lifestyle is financed by my marketing and web development firm. 

I'm part of a generation which increasingly believes that everyone should and can be an entrepreneur, that it's as easy as reading a book, as coming up with a good idea, buying a domain name and heading down to your bank to form an LLC. Maybe I'm a just a really crappy entrepreneur but I actually think it's way, way more difficult than that. This blog will make the case that one of the most important steps to being an entrepreneur is to get a real challenging job and working real hard.

Here is the brief, yet colorful history of my pre-entrepreneurial job experience. (I promise this isn't just an exercise in narcissism, there's a lot of useful lessons in here).

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How to Use Ninja Craigslist and Negotiating Tactics to Save a Fortune and Get Your Dream Home

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    
penthouse dream homeTowards the end of the film Limitless the main character purchases a gorgeous, high rise penthouse in Manhattan. Part of living Limitlessly is residing in your dream home and it can actually be significantly less expensive and quite a bit easier to do than you may think. Whether it's a huge house, a classic residence with lots of personality or a luxury high rise condominium this article will outline the steps to getting and saving a fortune on the kind of home you've always wanted. Even if you live on a modest income, have limited time to shop, mediocre personal credit and no down payment.

In 2011 I moved into the my dream condo in downtown, Denver. A gorgeous, luxury high rise that I got using the techniques and methods described below. Checkout this video tour.

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