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A Limitless Mindset is not just about the scientific persuit of optimized neurotransmitters or a herculean athletic practice of mental gymnastics. It's also about living a kickass, fun lifestyle and getting more of what you want sooner.

How to Use Ninja Craigslist and Negotiating Tactics to Save a Fortune and Get Your Dream Home

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

penthouse dream homeTowards the end of the film Limitless the main character purchases a gorgeous, high rise penthouse in Manhattan. Part of living Limitlessly is residing in your dream home and it can actually be significantly less expensive and quite a bit easier to do than you may think. Whether it's a huge house, a classic residence with lots of personality or a luxury high rise condominium this article will outline the steps to getting and saving a fortune on the kind of home you've always wanted. Even if you live on a modest income, have limited time to shop, mediocre personal credit and no down payment.

In 2011 I moved into the my dream condo in downtown, Denver. A gorgeous, luxury high rise that I got using the techniques and methods described below. Checkout this video tour.

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How to Be Limitless in Real Life | 14 Mental Hacks and Techniques

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

LimitlessIn the movie 2011 movie Limitless the main character takes a clear pill (NZT) which endows superhuman mental abilities which allow for him to become a master communicator, pick up artist, and a wealthy, powerful businessman virtually overnight. While the movie is fictional, it’s certainly possible in real life to become influential, make money and achieve success relatively quickly by way of cognitive ability development, mastery of communication skills and mindset transformation.

A Quick Story...

When I first saw the movie Limitless several years ago, I was flirting with depression...

  • I was broke, living on my brother's uncomfortable couch.
  • I had just been through a very rough break up of a business partnership, an experience not unlike getting divorced.
  • My dating and social life had gone from rockstar to zero overnight. My nights and weekends were spent watching TV on the same couch I slept every night.
  • Living in a very lame suburb, I was miles from a suitable workout location. I got lazy and stopped exercising.
  • Additionally, I had some legal problems with my drivers license - NOT drinking and driving - but I had lost my drivers license due to some unpaid fines from years ago and driving under revocation. I never went to jail but I had to spend a ton of time going to court and most of my disposable income dealing with the legal system.

When I saw the movie Limitless, I knew that some real life equivalent of NZT-48 had to exist and I needed to find it! Here's a photo and video gallery of my life in the past 2 years approximately... Judge for yourself whether I found it...

By the End of this Article...

You will have the tools to begin a high leverage (meaning FAST) personal development process that is holistic (meaning that you are changing your behaviors and transforming your mindset so that the change is sustainable) and quantifiable (meaning that your progress is measurable).

In a period of between a few months to several years, depending upon your learning style, budget and aptitude for personal development you could become surprisingly close to Bradley Cooper’s character Eddie Maura by focusing on improvements in the fallowing areas of your life:

  • Mastery of communication skills
  • Influence abilities
  • Improving memory
  • Cognitive ability development
  • Mindset transformation
  • Skill acquisition
  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Dietary improvements
  • And dressing really sharp

Get ready to hack your reality and become Limitless!

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Boycott Bayer! Alternatives to Bayer's Drugs & Products

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    


Sixty-six billion dollars
That's how much Bayer just agreed to pay to acquire Monsanto in a deal which will potentially have tectonically negative consequences for the world and your longevity.

You don't need to be an ethics philosopher to see the significant moral hazard in the unholy marriage of a company that makes people very sick and a company that sells drugs to treat sickness.

A brief history of these two corporate giants...

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The Limitless Orgasms Protocol & 12 Biohacks for Optimizing Sexual Hedonism

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

I used to know a real life witch. She made me a bit of an obscene offer...

I think I was about 22 at the time, worked at swanky nightclubs, drove a brand new Maserati (yes, really!) and was going through a particularly rowdy summer. I'm lucky that I didn't get anyone pregnant.

She was an active Pagan-Wicca practitioner and was dating a friend of mine. She would make pentagrams, light candles, burn incense, say prayers to a cool brass icon of an Egyptian deity and cast good luck spells all of which had a pretty undetectable effect as far as I could tell. Interested in taking my rambunctious sex life to the next level, I asked her one day if she had an incantation or magic spell that would result in a supernatural sexual experience; that would imbue me with extraordinary powers of seduction and/or give me an especially vivid and intense hedonistic encounter.

She smiled coquettishly and replied yes, that her metaphysical abilities had the power to do exactly that but that it would be a double edged sword, that could potentially do me great harm.
I would get my Casanovaesque powers of pickup, I would get a once in a lifetime sexual experience but then I'd likely have a psychotically intense relationship on my hands. Especially if I betrayed the spirit of the spell (which a 22 year old me likely would have!) by not repaying pleasure, behaving inconsistently afterwards or really any kind of post coital douchebaggey antics. This would definitely NOT be a no strings attached peak experience, I might have a Fatal Attraction type situation to deal with.
As fun as that all sounded, my sex life was already pretty good, so I decided to pass on her offer.

Since then I've delved deeply into the latest Biohacking research, the Meta-Analysis papers of human libido studies and traditional Chinese Taoist methods for optimizing sexual experience and health. I'd like to share with you a Biohacking protocol that will pragmatically accomplish a lot of what the witch promised me but without the potential metaphysical downsides.

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Mind wandering is bad for you. What to do instead...

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

It makes you unproductive, unhappy and impulsive according to the study I reference here

Yet we spend so much time doing it! Instead of free flowing random thinking, I'll suggest that when you find your mind wandering instead mentally play out your reactions to different specific scenarios.

Let's say you have a first date coming up, instead of reflecting on your past relationships and how past partners made you feel, imagine how you'll specifically react to different things happening on the date. What would you do if...

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