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Memory Foods: Fruits and Vegetables

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Some people may wonder if it's possible to feed our brains what they need to operate at maximum capacity from just vitamins and supplements. While vitamins and supplements are essential to a Limitless physiology, our bodies are designed to pull nutrients from natural organic fruits and vegetables. So it really is essential to eat in season locally grown foods along with supplements to feed our minds everything that they need.
A lot of the foods below are rich in the phytochemical anthocyanin. Anthocyanin rich fruits and vegetables are usually red, purple or blue. Anthocyanin is great thing to put in your body, not only does it boost memory it also an antioxidant that fights cancer, aging, neurological diseases, inflammation, diabetes and bacterial infections. Interestingly, phytochemicals benefit our mind and body synergistically in whole food form. This means that the benefits from the nutrients in fruits and vegetables when consumed in whole form are greater than the sum of their parts. It has not been conclusively proven that we can get anthocyanin and the needed phytochemicals from supplements, so it's definitely necessary to eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables. In conclusion, while supplements and multi-vitamins are good for you they cannot replace the fruits and vegetables below in your diet.

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Brain Power Biology and Lifestyle Vices

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Abraham Lincoln once said "It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues." Here at Limitless Mindset we like to echo this sentiment by saying that those who genuinely live well, consciously create healthy habits and practice discipline can afford to indulge in a few vices from time to time. Here's how some common vices will affect your brain health.

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How to Use Memory Sytems to Remember Details About People

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Memory SystemsRemembering essential details about people is an uncommon skill that, for the clever, exists at the intersection of being exceptionally valuable for social and business life but actually very easy to get good at if you are willing to apply a proven memory systems. This article will give you a memory system to use which will empower your memory to easily recall numerous personal details, even about people you who don't know well or have only met once. Add a comment

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