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Caballo Crowdfunding is LIVE

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Update: Caballo has been censored by IndieGoGo. I explain why here. Please join the Caballo email newsletter for an announcement coming soon about how we will get Caballo to everyone who wants to try it.

The Smart Drug Formula Derived from +600 Scientific Studies is avaliable for purchase on IndieGoGo.

Caballo consists of a Red Pill and a Black Pill...

The Red Pill

The Red Pill
A combination of six of the highest potency Nootropics for a profoundly enhancing cognitive experience.

  • A Racetam rich stack, the most proven category of Smart Drugs, for enhanced mathmatics and technical problem solving fluid intelligence.
  • Includes the Discipline Molecule, Oxiracetam, which enhances self control and imperviousness to distraction for 4-6 hours. Which I'll talk more about in a little while...
  • Includes the most bioavailable ACh source, which supports neuroplasticity and high leverage skill set acquisition.
  • Verified by 3rd party lab certificates of analysis (COAs).

The Black Pill

The Black Pill
Pharmaceutical grade Piracetam, the safest and most universally proven cognitive enhancer. Piracetam is the Verbal Intelligence Molecule in Caballo but it's also...

  • A more tranquilizing alternative to Ritalin and Adderall.
  • Reliably delivers energy, motivation and clear head.
  • A none addictive alternative to caffeine and coffee.

What is Cognitive Capital?

The Mind and the MarketProfessor Jerry Muller, author of The Mind and the Market, articulated it best:“…a period of growing equality of access to education and increasing stratification of marketplace rewards, both of which have increased the importance of human capital. One element of human capital is cognitive ability: quickness of mind, the ability to infer and apply patterns drawn from experience, and the ability to deal with mental complexity. Another is character and social skills: self-discipline, persistence, responsibility. And a third is actual knowledge. All of these are becoming increasingly crucial for success in the post-industrial marketplace.” (March 2013, Foreign Affairs)

Some abilities we see heightened in those who are rich in Cognitive Capital:

The ingredients of the Red Pill formula are selected for the advantage they imbue in work that is highly cognitively demanding, making it ideal for:

Learn More about Cognitive Capital

The Science

What is most important to me in my recipe for grandeur is high quality human studies supporting the effects desired. The ingredients of the Caballo stack, have over 600 human studies and academic papers supporting them, it's an exceptionally safe combination of ingredients. I can't emphasize that enough! It's primary ingredient Piracetam has had 20 year human population studies done on it. Basically this is the smart drug I'm comfortable giving to my own mother.
More about the Science

The Nootropic Effects

The human studies and anecdotal reports coming out of the Biohacker community indicate that the ingredients have transformational effects in regards to...

  • Augmentation of working memory and problem solving ability.
  • Nueroplasticity for high leverage skillset acquisition.
  • Laser like focus and imperviousness to distraction.
  • Long term memory (It wont allow you to instantaneously pull really obscure memories out of your subconscious exactly like the guy in the movie Limitless, but it does noticeably improve long term memory recall).
  • Verbal intelligence to improve communication skills in any setting and more fluently access your vocabulary.
  • Stress management to approach the challenges of life with a determined optimism and grace.
  • Long term antiaging effects on the mind, prevention of neurodegeneration along with empowering the Mitochondria and protecting the DNA.

Why CaballoWhy 'Caballo'?

I wanted to name my smart drug something that communicates power and grace, so I named it after the legendarily graceful and powerful beast which has carried humans to build their empires since time immemorial. I choose to use the Spanish word for horse because I was living in Medellín, Colombia when I discovered this potent stack of cognitive enhancers that empowers a spirit of vivacity and zest for life which is quintessentially Latin.

What does it 'feel' like?

Pleasantly intense focus, but at the same time an energizing sensation of optimism about the work ahead of one’s self and the challenges presenting themselves. If you are experienced with Nootropics and cognitive enhancers it's similar to Modafinil but without the tolerance curve and sweats.

A Discipline Drug

Maybe what I appreciate most about Caballo, is that while I'm on it I just do 100% of what I know I should be doing.

  • I don't check Facebook when I should be working.
  • I don't look down at my phone every time I get notifications.
  • I don't aimlessly hop from browser tab to browser tab.
  • I don't let my mind linger uselessly on the drama in my personal life.
  • I don't read dumb, indulgent blog posts when I should be reading Ayn Rand's books on my Kindle.
  • I don't make up excuses to not make important phone calls.
  • I don't skip my pushups in the morning.
  • I don't order that yummy sandwich or artisanal pizza, I have the steak salad.
  • I just do the right thing. More than any other smart drug I've tried, it's a self control lifehack.

The Ingredients

pharmaceutical gradeThe crucial difference between Caballo and the other 'brain supplement products' you've seen is that the individual ingredients of Caballo are 3rd party tested for purity and pharmaceutical grade quality and you can actually examine the certificates of analysis (COAs) on our website. The dirty little secret of the 'brain supplement' industry is that because the industry is unregulated 'brain power products' can list a bunch of expensive, special ingredients on the label and in their marketing and then not actually include these ingredients in the product itself.

Piracetam - The Verbal Intelligence Molecule

Oxiracetam - The Discipline Molecule Renowned as a tool for preventing cognitive decline, promoting memory and enhanced powers of logic that would make a Vulcan jealous.

Pramiracetam - The Spatial Memory Smart Drug This cognitive enhancer, has the highest Lipophilic efficiency and is quite possibly the most powerful Racetam.

Noopept A brain wave modulating Biohack for intellectual activity and outwardly focused concentration.

Alpha-GPC - Bioavailable Choline Source A critical enabler of Neuroplasticity which is the capacity of our minds to adapt to novelty - learning Portuguese, studying philosophy or starting a martial art - and thrive. Personal development of any significance requires that the gears of the mechanisms of Neuroplasticity are well greased.

Magnesium  An important bodily mineral, synonymous with fiber and calcium, regulates blood pressure and heart rhythm.

Tyrosine  This amino acid is a harbinger of two of the most important neurotransmitters, dopamine and norepinephrine.

Safety & Side Effects

It's very safe. The Red Pill formula of Caballo has been...
Clinically Tested in 885 Human Subjects with 0 Occurrences of Negative Side Effects.

Piracetam, which is 50% of Caballo has been...
Clinically Tested in 2037 Human Subjects with 0 Occurrences of Negative Side Effects.

"Their unique feature is that they exert distinct effects on memory, but show hardly any biochemical activity and are practically devoid of toxic effects." From a Swiss paper.
A Danish review out of Aarhus University analyzed over 400 scientific references of Racetams, from it's abstract: "Nearly three decades have now passed since the discovery of the piracetam-like nootropics, compounds which exhibit cognition-enhancing properties... The racetams possess a very low toxicity and lack serious side effects."
More about Safety

What Biohackers are saying...

Kit Glover, EntrepreneurKit Glover, Entrepreneur
"...I took Caballo, 2 pills per day, over 2 days, and was more or less instantly able to zone in on particular tasks without getting distracted by my thoughts and putting something on halt and going off on some other tangent. I have never been particularly effected by drug use in the past, pharmaceutical or illicit, or at least not to the levels I see others, so being aware of this, I wasn't sure Caballo would have any effects on me but without a shadow of a doubt, everything that Johnathon promises from this product he has created, I can certainly attribute towards this little limitless capsule. My mind is now open to synthetic mental performance enhancers and I hope I and many others have the chance to further experience the products benefits"

Christian in Berlin, GermanyChristian in Berlin, Germany
"...I definitely recommend the Caballo smart drug, altough i think that it (as with all substances) shouldn't be taken too generously because it might fire back at you and cause loss of sleep wich will inevitably take effect on your concentration. But i think that it's the perfect substance to carry you over these typical gaps on our way grinding to the top!"

Adam Gefvert, Day TraderAdam Gefvert, Day Trader
"I feel like Caballo gave me a new way of looking at the world. It increased my creativity, and allowed me to look outside of my "tunnel vision". I'm a day trader, and wouldn't recommend it for actual day trading. When you're in the heat of battle, creativity isn't always the best option. But when it comes to doing work and trying to find new ideas, it's a good drug of choice."

Jonathan Roseland, Digital NomadJonathan Roseland, Digital Nomad
"...Caballo is actually a pretty sublime social smart drug, the precision and certainty with which I speak and act while on it gives me a lot of confidence. I recently had one of the funnest nights I can remember at a swingers club while on a stack of 2 Caballo's, Phenibut and a coffee. My second language, Spanish, improves on it which is what I would expect from a quintessential smart drug. I find myself speaking more fluently in a flowing way and 'being present' to the conversation as opposed to searching my vocabulary and second guessing my grammar..."More Biohacker References

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the expiration date?
What does it 'feel' like?

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