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The Debate on Smart Drugs

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

IQ2The Intelligence Squared Youtube channel is one of the few places that transcends the internet echo chamber by pitting teams of elite experts against each other for well over an hour to explore the nuances and challenge our preconceptions of decisive issues. This week they debated smart drug usage on campus, which I watched with keen interest..

I've personally used over 60 smart drugs, I've also spent about 10 hours a week for the past 4 years on Pubmed studying the human clinical trials. This is a rabbit hole that goes deep and I've explored it thoroughly, so I watched this debate with much interest.

Some snarky remarks and insights of mine at different time-stamps of the debate...

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Do Smart Drugs make you Cross Eyed?

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    


So I've got an admission...

As is obvious to everyone watching this I am cross eyed and today I've decided to admit something...
Smart drugs are actually part of an evil conspiracy by myself, the Illuminati, ISIS, Obama, Trump, Putin, and the CIA to make everybody cross eyed.

So many people have commented on my Youtube videos about my asymmetrical face that I'm now admitting it to the world, you guys figured out my evil scheme. Congratulations.

If you have taken smart drugs, in the brave spirit of self experimentation and personal development, the bad news is that you too will eventually become cross eyed like myself.

Those skeptics who have not taken smart drugs, not taken action towards improving themselves, for the trolls and lurkers watching endless Youtube videos, for the self help junkies who have done nothing but read self help books, have nothing to worry about...
When the hordes of cross eyed, ampakined, smart drugged zombies are marauding through the streets...
Don't worry because you will be safe in your mother's basements. You can stay forever in your comfort zone, your cheeto dust covered fingers can continue trolling and leaving hatefully, petty, un-spell-checked comments.

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Why Choose Pharmaceutical Grade Nootropics+3rd Party Verified Sources

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    


Let me confirm something you already know on a gut level; the supplement industry is a capitalist's wild wild west, a profiteers paradise, an unregulated free market, and consumers should beware.

While the ubiquitous white Nutrition Facts box you see on the labeling of packaging looks official, anyone with basic word processing software can create such a representation of the ingredients ostensibly in a product.

When you realize that no one verifies that the actual individual ingredients are in a given product, you realize how much of a decision to buy and take an supplement is based upon trust.

The Nutrition 'Facts'Fake-NutritionLabel

When supplement companies sell products to consumers they can almost count on the consumers not verifying what they are consuming. Sure the consumers could send products off for testing at 3rd party laboratory but that costs between hundreds and thousands of dollars. While there are some consumer spectroscopy devices coming to market that promise to disrupt multiple industries that prey on the voracious consumer, at the current time consumers have virtually no way of personally determining what they are actually putting in their bodies.

Pharma-Grade300The good news is that one of the really easy ways to make almost certain that you are getting the real stuff is to insist on always buying Pharmaceutical Grade supplements. Why trust Pharmaceutical Grade?

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The emWave2, Marijuana, Religion and Flowstates?

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    


marijuanaOne night, after completing a 92 day period of intermittent sobriety, I smoked a joint with friends in a lovely park overlooking the city. In between laughing, coughing and making plans to get snacks, I started wondering if - high on Marijuana - I was in a state of Coherence?

Getting my laptop, firing up the Heartmath software, connecting the USB cord just seemed like too much work (hey I was stoned!), so I just laid in bed and used the emWave2 (I seriously doubt I'm the first one to do this).

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Biohacking 'Emotional Regulation'

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

The first session was a little awkward, at first the Coherence indicator was a major distractor, so it added to the consummate compartmentalization challenge that is Dual N-Back training.{youtube}SyKltr5_WDg{/youtube}

I used EQPro which is a new version of the leading Dual N-Back software from IQ Mindware and my friend Dr. Mark Ashton Smith, which trains emotional regulation at the same time. I will publish a full review of EQPro soon but basically it is the Dual N-Back task with emotional data that you have to either ignore or remember.

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The Biohacking Industry's Looming Ethics Crisis

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Ethic Crisis
Recently a blogger in the Biohacking space, Mans Denton of TheHackedMind.com, was sentenced to 8 years in prison for theft of historical holocaust documents. Apparently Mans had worked at The Mazal Holocaust Library in San Antonio, Texas and he pilfered several thousand documents with the intent to sell them to the highest bidder online.

When I first heard this story, I had three quite contrary reactions:
Disgust - At this man adding insult to injury to an entire people, by trying to profit from the theft of such ethnically sensitive documents.
Fascination - The part of me that's probably seen too many heist movies and enjoyed reading the autobiography of a thief who stolen $30 million in jewelry wonders how it went down... Did he just pack everything up in his backpack? Did he have to sneak in during the dead of the night? Was it a one man job or were there accomplices?
Curiosity - What Nootropic stack was he on? What inspired him to do this? Is this a case of smart drugs gone bad? How much did he make off the sale of the documents?

itunes-signupJust a week before his sentencing he was interviewed on one of the voices of the industry, Smart Drug Smarts podcast. I encourage you to listen to his interview, he comes across as a level headed and articulate 'normal guy' (well... normal for a Biohacker!)

Thankfully the mainstream media's coverage of the story didn't make the connection between Denton's dabbling in the smart drugs industry and his diabolical crime. However, Mans's crime is an excellent example of how ripe a target our industry is a highly publicized ethics crisis that destroys the credibility of products which genuinely make people happier and healthier.

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