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2014's Top Mind Power Gifts

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

2014GiftIdeasThis holiday season as opposed to succumbing to consumer culture and loading your digital or physical shopping cart up with vapid gifts that will be forgotten, lost, broken or out of style by 2015 why not give the gifts of biological supported happiness, productivity and an upgraded mind to your loved ones? Check out this line up of hot mind power products ranging from $15 to +$200.
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Why a Risk Seeking Biohacker is an Antifragile Biohacker

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Risk Slide 750
Recently I've been researching some Nootropics that you may not have heard of before; Bromantane, Cerebroslyn, Cortexin, Ladastan, Mildronate...

These are from an interesting new vendor that I've vetted, Check out their site and you'll see a number of Nootropics and performance enhancers that are maybe a bit foreign to you. To me at least these are European exotics, they are all branded and manufactured in either Russia or different European countries. I'll explain a little later why this is appealing to me as veteran Nootropics user.

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Full disclosure: I have a mutually beneficial relationship with Almost weekly I am solicited by vendors, manufacturers and marketers of various Biohacking products and 80% of them don't exhibit the basic indicators of credibility of someone I'd like to buy things from that may alter my brain chemistry.

  • There is a real person behind the company, Sergey who seems to be nice fellow.
  • Their products are created in GMP labs, branded and verified by certificate of analysis.
  • Their pricing is very competitive, they offer Noopept capsules, for example starting at $18 and they offer Phenotropil, the famously potent smart drug Phenylpiracetam at just 75 cents/per capsule.
  • They have a phone number you can call.
  • They have solid refund policy.
  • Currently they offer free shipping, on offers over $79.
  • They are crypto-friendly; it's an increasingly good idea to do your biohacking shopping as anonymously as possible. They accept Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

As Biohackers we have a bit of a weak spot for novelty, especially pharmacological novelty, smart drugs that might work a little different than the things we've tried before.

However, pharmacological novelty is not always good and it is not for everyone, amongst Biohackers there's a spectrum of risk tolerance. Similarly, amongst Nootropics and performance enhancers there's a spectrum of risk profiles. Not all Nootropics are equally safe and benign.

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What is Biohacking? 7 Options to Get Started Biohacking and Get Results Fast

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Biohacking High Leverage ResultsA hacker is someone who wants to gain complete control of the system they are dealing with - be it technological or social.

A biohacker, therefore is someone who wants to gain complete control of their own biology.

We live in excitingly novel times when we have made quantum leaps in understanding, testing and controlling our own biology. At a time when many of the leading minds in medical science and technology believe that the first immortal human has already been born and you can get your personal DNA genotyped, it is not unrealistic to say that you can have total control over your own biology.

Biohackers have a couple of common goals:

  • Significant gains in productive energy and focus to get things done. Adding more productive hours to the day and more productivity to those hours.
  • Boosting Serotonin and Dopamine, the 'feel good' Nuerotransmitters, sustainably.
  • Improving recall, accuracy, short and long term memory along with the learning process.
  • Avoidance of chronic disease, cancer and age related cognitive decline.
  • Training Executive Function for better discipline and self control.
  • Decreasing the quantity of sleep while increasing the quality.
  • Effective stress management.
  • Personal experimentation, self quantification and measurement beyond what 'feels good'.
  • Biohacking should be high leverage: a minimum of effort, time or money spent will yield significant results that are in some cases sustained.
  • Many biohackers are also Transhumanists who have the lofty ambition of living indefinitely.
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Self Monitoring Compartmentalization, Personal Development and Dual N-Back Training

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

HighIQPro Self MonitoringAbout 30 sessions into my Dual N-Back training practice I realized an interesting personal development take away, that a cognitive psychologist would describe as domain general, meaning that it has transfer effects that influence my life when I'm not playing the Dual N-Back game.

For those you who haven't played Dual N-Back, inevitably you will usually get a match or two (or more if you are just getting started) wrong per block and there are 20 blocks in the recommended 20 minute daily training session. Dual N-Back training is not like the rest of life where you can let you mind wonder or multi-task, the game is designed specifically to take up all your attention focusing on the present. I set HighIQPro to instant feedback mode; if I select an incorrect spacial or audio N-Back match it responds with a harsh negative beep.

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Problem Solved: Feeling Tired

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Feeling TiredThe Problem: You feel tired and unfocused at times when you need to be productive.
This can be a complicated problem and it is certainly worthy of introspection and self quantification but luckily it's productivity robbing symptom, feeling tired and unfocused, is easy and cheap to fix.

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Accelerated Language Learning using Memory Systems, SuperMemo and Dual N-Back

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Before we talk about accelerated language acquisition, using some exciting technologies, Memory Systems, Dual N-Back and SuperMemo, let's talk about accelerated personal development.

Why is it that some people languish in personal development purgatory for years or decades while other people read a book, take a course, listen to a podcast, apply the knowledge and get meaningful (or profitable!) results fast?

The most practical, measurable and none woo woo answer to this conundrum is that the person who gets more results, faster has a mind with healthier Neuroplasticity mechanisms. Neuroplasticity, is a chemical process that occurs on the molecular and cellular levels of our brain's grey matter, it results in new brain cells being manufactured and synaptic connections forming in the mind.

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