Social Dynamics

Social dynamics is the study of the art of charm in social, business and dating situations. Check the articles below for tactics and strategies you can start using immediately to become more persuasive.

14 Methods and Mindset Tricks to Make you a More Interesting Conversationalist

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Being an great conversationalist is a combination of mindset and methods. Luckily though you can fake it till you make it. Here I will cover how to 'steal' the conversation while appearing magnanimous, a sweet body language trick, applying economics concepts to increase the attention people show you and my favorite 'pick up line' to starting a conversation. Add a comment

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How to be Interesting: 27 Tips to Becoming a Remarkable Person

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

be remarkableAudioProgram
For those of you who want instant satisfaction in your endeavor to be a fascinating individual read on. This article will try to focus on the 'fake it till you make it' type of aesthetic things you can do with a minimum investment to make you a better conversationalist and the sort of person people cannot resist. Being remarkable is a tremendous asset -- whether you want to impress a date, get a promotion at work, gain new friends instantly and effortlessly, or develop greater self-confidence. It may seem like interesting individuals are born, not made – but this is not the case. Anyone who is willing to put forth the effort can become captivating. Add a comment

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Polishing Your Communication Style by Recording Conversations on Your Smartphone

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Polishing Conversation Style
Have you ever had the experience of being unknowingly recorded? Many people find it downright horrifying the first time they watch or hear a recording of themselves.

bodylanguage-angry-annoyedThe Problem: A lot of us have unattractive (or just plain sloppy) body language or auditory communication habits that we aren't aware of. These habits really hold us back from becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Unless you have the time, money or inclination to take acting classes or a social dynamics bootcamp it's pretty difficult to identify weaknesses that could be doing damage to your communication 'game', be it in personal or business situations.

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Frame Control: How to Overcome the Power Frame in Business Situations

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Frame Control Boardroom Situation
The definition of a frame is a set of emotions and desires that you bring to the table anytime you are communicating with another person. Now the interesting thing about frame control is that whenever two or more people are interacting one person's frame will overcome the other person's frame and this person will usually get their way.

Example: Think about a courtroom, you have a judge, two attorneys and a group of jurors. The two attorneys both have their own desires and emotions, the attorney who's frame is adopted by the jurors will win the case.

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