Social Dynamics

Social dynamics is the study of the art of charm in social, business and dating situations. Check the articles below for tactics and strategies you can start using immediately to become more persuasive.

Lifehacking Lying: 10 Devilishly Deceptive Ways to Be a Better Liar

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Lying750Deception and use of half truths are such a part of human nature that what's ultimately the most dishonest is to pretend that we are 'real' 100% of the time to everyone. Lifehackers, happy sociopaths and people with healthy egos understand that lying is an inevitable part of the human communication experience. According

  • 60% of people lie at least once during a 10 minute conversation.
  • Men on average tell 6 lies as a day to their partner, boss or colleagues. Women tell 8.
  • 31% of people lie on their resumes.

Inevitably you are going to lie in ways big and small. This article will arm you with some clever ways to lie more effectively and less destructively without breaking the 11th commandment; getting caught.

The Cardinal Rule of Effective Lying...

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$4100 in 50 Minutes: The Neurotransmitter Cocktail I Mix to Seduce and Profit

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

CasanovaI was on a sales call recently, I wasn't that confident about the call being worth my while, but I have a sales process I follow regardless. So I smiled and dailed, half way through the sales call the balance of my Paypal account had increased by more than $2000.

Now this doesn't happen to me everyday, in fact my experience of the business world and capitalizing on opportunity as been very asymmetrical - feast or famine; when it rains it pours. My experience is that it's not a numbers game, good fortune is due to almost invisible meta factors, which conspire in rare moments to create windfalls, when they do it's worthwhile to analyze why.

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What is NRR? No Response Required: The 1 Second Digital Communication Lifehack

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    


Email-Overwhelm-NRRWe live in a world which is incessantly and incremental trying to completely overwhelm us. Half the battle of productivity is hacking away the superfluous To Do's from our existence. No Response Required (NRR) is a super concise way to give the gift of freedom to those you communicate with.

How it works: Unless you absolutely need a specific decision from the recipient, add No Response Required or NRR (linked to this article or video) as the very first line of your emails or digital communications. NRR takes literally about 1 second (or less!) to add to the beginnings of your digital communications.

The majority of emails are minuscule demands to increase the burden of responsibility for the recipient. No Response Required is a 3 word (or 3 letter acronym) vehicle to communicate:

  • You value their time and attention.
  • You are are doing what you can to decrease their stress.
  • You understand Decision Fatigue; you aren't going to cost them Glucose, the decision making neurotransmitter, which they could spend better on more important decisions.
  • They can delete the email after scanning it. Not another email to clog up their inbox.
  • When you do send them To Do's they will be important. You are not a source of arbitrary digital responsibilities.
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Request for Testimonial (or Letter of Reference) Template

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

testimonialtemplateWithout a doubt one of my biggest assets as a professional and a business person is my letters of reference and testimonials for my services, they do a better job of selling me than I do. Seriously, I challenge you to tell me you don't want to hire me after taking a quick gander at my 3rd party credibility here on Limitless Mindset, for my marketing firm and my recommendations on LinkedIN.

Building an impressive body of 3rd party credibility takes 5 things:

  1. 3rdpartycredBoldness to ask your coworkers, boss, friends or clients who have paid you lots of money too write you references. Honestly, it's awkward and it takes a lot of guts to ask for a reference but it's absolutely worth it. Get over yourself and just do it.
  2. A good template; most people have no idea how to write a good letter of reference. Make it easy for them by sending an outline of what content you would like their testimonial to cover. Feel free to steal the template I have below.
  3. Persistence is super important. Pretty close to 100% of those who you ask for a reference will say yes, however very few will actually follow through and write it up and send it off to you promptly. On average you will to remind people 3 times to write you a letter of reference, one of my very best letters of reference came from a client I had to remind 9 times over a 2 month period.
  4. Photos, in the digital age it's easier than ever to fake testimonials. So indicators of authenticity are important, the most effective is a 200X200 pixel thumbnail image of the author of the testimonial. If appropriate I will include their full name, title and link to their company.
  5. Reciprocity; make this a win-win for the other party. Write them a testimonial or letter of reference in return. If they are dragging their feet on your reference write theirs first and send it to them.
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