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Caballo Crowdfunding is LIVE

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Update: Caballo has been censored by IndieGoGo. I explain why here. Please join the Caballo email newsletter for an announcement coming soon about how we will get Caballo to everyone who wants to try it.

The Smart Drug Formula Derived from +600 Scientific Studies is avaliable for purchase on IndieGoGo.

Caballo consists of a Red Pill and a Black Pill...

The Red Pill

The Red Pill
A combination of six of the highest potency Nootropics for a profoundly enhancing cognitive experience.

  • A Racetam rich stack, the most proven category of Smart Drugs, for enhanced mathmatics and technical problem solving fluid intelligence.
  • Includes the Discipline Molecule, Oxiracetam, which enhances self control and imperviousness to distraction for 4-6 hours. Which I'll talk more about in a little while...
  • Includes the most bioavailable ACh source, which supports neuroplasticity and high leverage skill set acquisition.
  • Verified by 3rd party lab certificates of analysis (COAs).

The Black Pill

The Black Pill
Pharmaceutical grade Piracetam, the safest and most universally proven cognitive enhancer. Piracetam is the Verbal Intelligence Molecule in Caballo but it's also...

  • A more tranquilizing alternative to Ritalin and Adderall.
  • Reliably delivers energy, motivation and clear head.
  • A none addictive alternative to caffeine and coffee.

What is Cognitive Capital?

The Mind and the MarketProfessor Jerry Muller, author of The Mind and the Market, articulated it best:“…a period of growing equality of access to education and increasing stratification of marketplace rewards, both of which have increased the importance of human capital. One element of human capital is cognitive ability: quickness of mind, the ability to infer and apply patterns drawn from experience, and the ability to deal with mental complexity. Another is character and social skills: self-discipline, persistence, responsibility. And a third is actual knowledge. All of these are becoming increasingly crucial for success in the post-industrial marketplace.” (March 2013, Foreign Affairs)

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Limitless Mindset Offline Biohacker Meetups (Near You?)

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Limitless Mindset Offline
Longecity dropshadow 330I'd like to announce something educational, fun (and free!) that you will definitely want to add to your calendar.
On a Saturday afternoon in May there will be a Limitless Mindset Offline Biohacker Meetup in city (hopefully) near you. You can find the date, time and venue of the meetup near you hereWe are working with the most popular Biohacker forum online, to host Biohacker meetups in 25 cities world wide:
This is your invitation to meet those in your city who are into this exciting intersection of personal development via science and technology. It's also an opportunity to satisfy (and perhaps satiate) your curiosity about anti aging, along with hopefully getting some questions you may have answered about optimizing your biology for happiness and productivity. 
At the meetup you are obviously free to discuss whatever you want but to ensure a productive and educational meetup the suggested discussion themes are... Add a comment

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Sharpen Your Intellect with These 5 Nootropic Foods

I have to admit something to you, yesterday I ate a package of cookies, it was my day off, I was just relaxing and I thought, you know I deserve a cheat day, why not? They were good going down, but then something strange happened. In the next hour or two after eating the cookies I was struck by how unhappy I became.
Even though I was sitting on my comfortable couch in my comfortable apartment, in the center of a fun city.
Even though, I'd had a kickass week doing the work that I love.
Even though I was just a few clicks away from a massive digital library of television and movies along with books I've bought on subjects that interest me or social networks full of people who would be eager to meet me.
Even though, I had a smart phone in my hand full contacts of people who I like spend time with, I just could not find even a modicum of relaxed satisfaction between my neurotic clicking, swiping and browser tab juggling.
In recent memory, it really was one of the most unhappy states I've found myself in.

This brings me to an important point, food has a subtle yet profound effect on our mood. Checkout this article, by Ben of - Jonathan Roseland

There's no doubt that diet is one of the most important modifiable risk factors for dementia. In addition to having a neuroprotective effects, regular consumption of certain foods confers a clear cognitive edge (Cha-ching! -JR). I always enjoy getting a new computer with excess RAM, no lag, and no bloatware. To make a bad analogy: these brain foods will upgrade your brain so that it’s just as snappy as a new computer.

Just like sleep flushes the brain of toxins, some foods seem to reverse brain aging. Colorful foods, like blueberries, are particularly antioxidant rich.

A Surprising Connection Between Food Color and Nootropic Effects

There’s an interesting connection between how colorful a food is and its antioxidant and nootropic effects.
Many colorful compounds (beta carotene, for example) are conjugated systems, with alternating single and double bonds. Note the alternating double and single bonds in the structure of beta-carotene, shown below.

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Social Anxiety Protocol: What to do at the Public Events

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

What are you going to be doing at the public event? Well, I've got a few things for you to try.

The Elbow Tap
You won't always have the opportunity to approach someone from the front, practice approaching people from the side (or even back) by tapping their lower elbow, it's a none intrusive way to get someone's attention that works quiet well actually.

Find a Social Foundation
Since you are likely solo at this event, you'll find yourself alone from time to time. You want to establish a foundational person or group that's very receptive to you that you can return to. This is maybe someone you know from elsewhere, a friendly group of guys, or the event host themselves.

Number Closing
Anyone who you talk to for more than 10 minutes, get their number, Facebook or contact details. Even if you don't intend to follow up with this person get their number arbitrarily. Just get in the habit of asking, you'll be surprised how many say yes.

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Social Anxiety Protocol: The Methodology

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

The methodology for selecting the Nootropics in the Social Anxiety Protocol is based upon several factors.


Quality Scientific Studies
These Nootropics have been the subject of double blind, placebo controlled human clinical trials. None of them are research chemicals, the youngest among them have been researched for at least 35 years, others have been the subject of 20 year long human population studies, and as I mentioned the Adaptogens have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

Abundance of Anecdotal Efficacy
I spend a lot of time on the Biohacker forums, deciphering the crappy grammar, the ranting antics and Biohacking lingo. If hundreds of users on a forum are talking about a particular smart drug, and there's some consensus as to it's experiential effects among them, that's a pretty good indicator as to what we can expect from it.

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Social Anxiety Protocol: The Bad News

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

To actually do this Social Anxiety Protocol, you are going to have to cut a lot of fat from your life.

For me to actually have the social life I want, that I need to maintain my social skills, I need to make the stark choice between being an amusement junkie and being a peak experience junkie. This means that I don't have the time to...

  • Play video games
  • Watch Netflix
  • Watch sports
  • Watch a lot comedy or funny videos on the Internet.
  • Watch TV. Like old school television with channels and commercials every 15 minutes. I NEVER watch it!
  • I watch movies in movie theaters maybe three times a year.
  • I can't have really time consuming, capricious relationships. Like I have these buddies here in Bulgaria, we lived together for a little while and they would always have these girls over and they would sit around for hours and hours everyday smoking weed, joking and watching pop music videos with these girls. No way I could do that!
  • I don't spend a lot of time preparing and consuming food. Some people spend hours and hours shopping and picking out foot, preparing elaborate meals and then they sit around for hours and hours eating. I don't have time for this. I eat two simple, very nutritious types of meals. My grocery shopping takes no more than 25 minutes a week. Now the exception to this is that about once or twice a week, I will eat out at a nice restaurant. I do really relish good food at a good restaurant so I make time for it and usually I'm practicing my social skills while dinning.
  • I don't have any time for really self indulgent hobbies like... making art or music or whatever. I even had to stop working on my novel.
  • As you can see, I'm not out of shape but I'm definitely not a gym rat. I wouldn't have time for my social life if I was one of those guys who insists on going to the gym everyday.
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The Social Anxiety Protocol for Biohacking Confidence

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Social Anxiety
It's naive to deny that drugs are a shortcut to confidence. In the past 5 years I've self experimented with over 80 smart drugs along with a variety of brain training software Apps and mindfulness techniques. During this period I've also put in well over seven thousand hours practicing a range of social dynamics skills sets. I'm not going to lie; it's been pretty damn fun.

Over this time I've recieved innumerable emails and communicated with a spectrum of people suffering silently from what I think is quiet likely the most insidious mental illness of our time; social anxiety. Which, believe it or not, is something I too have to deal with from time to time. The Open Source Biohacking Protocol which follows presents a novel, yet holistic approach to beating social anxiety.
The Problem
The Good News
A 50% 'Cure'
Biohacking Willpower
For Public Speakers
A Primer
The Social Smart Drugs
What about alcohol?
The Digital Tools
Attending Public Events
The Weekly Protocol
Taking Responsibility
The Methodology
No FAP (For men)
What to do at Public Events
The Bad News

Since this is an Open Source protocol it is going to change and improve over time. If you have not already, I highly encourage you to join our newsletter to be notified of updates to it and stay at the cutting edge of developments at this exciting intersection of Biohacking, personal development and social dynamics. Download this protocol in PDF.

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24 Practical Examples of Frame Control

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Frame Control750

In every social interaction one person is more reactive than the other to the words and actions of the person they are communicating with.

Frame control is a topic that gets discussed Ad nauseam in hypothetical terms, in this article I'll break out of that by providing a mix of examples in pop culture, movies and television along with personal anecdotes. Frame control really is relevant to every human interaction but the most colorful examples of it come from the domains of business and seduction, I could deconstruct boundless case studies of it that are whole lot more PG rated, I've chosen examples that are a bit more edgy so that you actually remember and can apply them.

As you will see their is quiet a spectrum of Frame Control, and certain frame control methods should not be used in certain situations. This is not quiet an area where you should just go with what feels natural. In fact there are very few Frame Control naturals. You can find a ton of articles and books that discuss it theoretically in depth. However, if you'd like to see an infographic designed that breaks the topic down visually, let me know in the comments at the bottom. Although, honestly you may just find these examples more useful.

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My $1 Diet Lifehack: Coconuts

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

diet lifehack

This article is about what is maybe my number one lifehack - Coconuts, yes coconuts. I'm serious about coconuts. Whenever I learn a new language I start by learning phrases like
Soy el commandante del cocos (Spanish) - I'm the commander of the coconuts
Я босс кокосов (Russian) - I'm the boss of coconuts
Sunt regele nuci de cocos (Romanian) - I'm the king of coconuts

Coconuts are my number one diet hack because they are economic, simple, social, nutritious, delicious, and fun:


one dollar billYou can replace one of your meals a day with a coconut that is going to cost you about one dollar. I've eaten thousands of coconuts over the years while living in Latin America - South America - North America and Europe. Interestingly coconuts cost about the same all over the world, you would think the price of coconuts would vary significantly as you got further away from the tropics but even in Eastern Europe, during the winter time I could easily find coconuts for about a dollar. I always try to buy my coconuts from the fancy, organic grocery store in town, since I assume they are a higher quality supply and they still always cost just about a dollar. Nobody watching this can use the excuse; that they can't afford to eat healthy! Unless you live in someplace like Iceland, you can replace one of your meals a day with a coconut that will cost about a dollar.

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The Debate on Smart Drugs

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

IQ2The Intelligence Squared Youtube channel is one of the few places that transcends the internet echo chamber by pitting teams of elite experts against each other for well over an hour to explore the nuances and challenge our preconceptions of decisive issues. This week they debated smart drug usage on campus, which I watched with keen interest..

I've personally used over 60 smart drugs, I've also spent about 10 hours a week for the past 4 years on Pubmed studying the human clinical trials. This is a rabbit hole that goes deep and I've explored it thoroughly, so I watched this debate with much interest.

Some snarky remarks and insights of mine at different time-stamps of the debate...

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L-Theanine: an Instant Charisma Upgrade

l theanine charisma Clinton
Introduction: I frequently receive emails and Facebook messages asking me something to the effect of...
"What is the best Nootropic increasing social confidence?"
Near the top of my list of exotic molecules to achieve that is L-Theanine. in about 30 minutes it consistently brings me a measure of tranquility to manage social situations with grace and gravitas. As the active ingredient in green tea, it's an exceptionally safe nutraceutical, with virtually no downside. Finally, it's VERY cost effective, a year's supply of it runs about $25.
Fatjong of has an entire blog, with numerous articles devoted to explaining different L-theanine uses. Checkout this article he wrote on the neurobiology of confidence.

Take a look at these two guys and which of the two seems more competent, more intelligent and more leader-like?

{2jtoolbox photogallery id:33}

You probably chose the guy on the left. These two guys ran for a senate seat in Wisconsin. On the right is Timothy Michels a Republican. On the left is Russell Feingold a Democrat, who actually won the seat!

This is crazy, because in one second you predicted the voting outcomes of a couple of millions people, those who had a lot more information than (pro gun? Pro abortion? More or less taxes?…) you did.

Want to try another time? Here you go, which of the two seems more competent, more intelligent, more leader-like?

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Do Smart Drugs make you Cross Eyed?

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    


So I've got an admission...

As is obvious to everyone who watches me I am cross eyed and today I've decided to admit something...
Smart drugs are actually part of an evil conspiracy by myself, the Illuminati, ISIS, Obama, Trump, Putin, and the CIA to make everybody cross eyed.

So many people have commented on my Youtube videos about my asymmetrical face that I'm now admitting it to the world, you guys figured out my evil scheme. Congratulations.

If you have taken smart drugs, in the brave spirit of self experimentation and personal development, the bad news is that you too will eventually become cross eyed like myself.

Those skeptics who have not taken smart drugs, not taken action towards improving themselves, for the trolls and lurkers watching endless Youtube videos, for the self help junkies who have done nothing but read self help books, have nothing to worry about...
When the hordes of cross eyed, ampakined, smart drugged zombies are marauding through the streets...
Don't worry because you will be safe in your mother's basements. You can stay forever in your comfort zone, your cheeto dust covered fingers can continue trolling and leaving hatefully, petty, un-spell-checked comments.

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Adult ADHD Cured! The Four Pillars of Maintaining Focus, Motivation and Memory

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Adult ADHD Cured

I had a classic ADHD childhood, I had boundless energy that I channeled into serial passion projects; dinosaurs, aviation, World War 2 history, designing space ships, creating amateur action movies, writing science fiction stories, Tae Kwon Do, swordsmanship, Karate, breakdancing and even studying Islam for a little while.

Perpetually a starter, rarely a finisher. The only thing consistent was my bad grades. I was moved from Special Ed program to Special Ed program. I lacked social calibration though I constantly tried to ingratiate myself with the most elite social group I could find. I was constantly trying to upgrade my social circle, but I didn't have what it took to be one of the cool kids, and frequently found myself an outsider and a loner.

I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 8, and given Ritalin, it helped a lot. Without it, a younger version of myself found it nearly impossible to focus for more than 5 minutes on the lessons and educational material being presented by my grade school teachers.
In an age when ADHD (back then they called it ADD) was misdiagnosed and the pharmaceutical solutions were over prescribed, I think I was a legitimate case. In high school I switched to Adderall, which seemed to imbue a longer lasting focus, along with a more relaxed and tranquil mindset. I wasn't in such a hurry to impress people, which helped me make more genuine friendships
My medication is probably one of the main factors that allowed me to attain a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and actually graduate high school.

As a young adult, I was very ambitious and a voracious student of success, yet I had a nearly 5 year streak of none stop career failures. I had been fired more times than I can count on two hands; I just couldn't quiet cut it as a waiter, car salesman, a mortgage broker, a banker or in Yellow Pages sales. I had a lot trouble paying my bills on time, I was constantly late on rent, I even managed to get in some real legal trouble over some unpaid speeding tickets. While my social life was a whole lot more lively (thanks partially to my side gig as nightclub promoter), my dating life was inconsistent and I could not hold on to a girlfriend. I would occasionally get my hands on a bottle of Adderall, which seemed to make quiet a difference in my performance at work, but crushing personal and career disappointments were always just around the corner.

I was constantly reading inspirational books and trying to apply what they said about business ethics and providing value but it never paid off. I was perpetually a minute late and a dollar short; late to work, late to meetings, late on rent, not hitting sales quotas. While I was building a large social circle and social media friend count through my nightclub promotion, the relationships were quiet shallow. Also, being a nightclub promoter, I was hungover and under slept half the time which took a toll on my real career in corporate America. I was having fun and learning a lot but my prospects for the future were pretty bleak. My mediocre career and personal life was a case study of lack of focus, follow through and my equivocations of standards in every domain of life.

Fast forward to today and at 30 years old I'm really a different person; I'm one of the most disciplined and consistent people I know. I'm a long term strategist, not a short term opportunist. I'm more focused and motivated than I've ever been. I have developed a work ethic that's pretty rare amongst my generation. My fleeting obsession with passion projects has been replaced with a long term commitment to processes. I've really cured my adult ADHD.

There's four pillars that I have to thank for this transformation

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The Blue Sky Meditation Protocol

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Blue Sky Meditation Protocol
Probably a lot of you are thinking...

Oh meditation... That's like thinking about not thinking right? I already tried meditation, I suck at meditation. I just get irritated with myself for thinking when I shouldn't be thinking.

Well... You probably haven't had success with meditation yet because your mind needs to warm up, your mind needs some foreplay to actually meditate.
The Blue Sky Protocol is a process that will lubricate your mind like it's in a candlelit, jacuzzi filled with KY jelly with a Barry White album playing in the background.
The Blue Sky Protocol will give your mind the foreplay it needs.

You've probably heard of the myriad benefits of meditation elsewhere; antiaging, memory, neuroplasticity, stress management and 'being present' in social interactions.
But what are the immediate, day to day benefits? If you are going to devote 10 minutes a day to something in the short term you probably want to know what you can expect to get out of it in the short term...

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