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The blog (featuring some seriously actionable articles of exhaustive length!) on everything from biohacking, memory systems and mind hardware to social dynamics and smart drugs.

Why Choose Pharmaceutical Grade Nootropics+3rd Party Verified Sources

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    


Let me confirm something you already know on a gut level; the supplement industry is a capitalist's wild wild west, a profiteers paradise, an unregulated free market, and consumers should beware.

While the ubiquitous white Nutrition Facts box you see on the labeling of packaging looks official, anyone with basic word processing software can create such a representation of the ingredients ostensibly in a product.

When you realize that no one verifies that the actual individual ingredients are in a given product, you realize how much of a decision to buy and take an supplement is based upon trust.

The Nutrition 'Facts'Fake-NutritionLabel

When supplement companies sell products to consumers they can almost count on the consumers not verifying what they are consuming. Sure the consumers could send products off for testing at 3rd party laboratory but that costs between hundreds and thousands of dollars. While there are some consumer spectroscopy devices coming to market that promise to disrupt multiple industries that prey on the voracious consumer, at the current time consumers have virtually no way of personally determining what they are actually putting in their bodies.

Pharma-Grade300The good news is that one of the really easy ways to make almost certain that you are getting the real stuff is to insist on always buying Pharmaceutical Grade supplements. Why trust Pharmaceutical Grade?

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41 Denver Shrinks Prove that Psychologists are mostly just Leeches

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

According to a University of South Florida study 90% of people who quit smoking relapse. I've been a year and half without a cancer stick in between my lips, so I'm justifiably a little proud of beating that statistic. How did I do it?

In 2013 I spent a few months researching the biology of self control and after interviewing several doctors and subject matter experts. Based upon these interviews and my lifelong interest as layperson in the biology of self control, I distilled 20 different uncommon, yet very actionable lifehacks for increasing will power quickly and effectively. I quiet smoking using about five of these lifehacks. I then spent probably 20-30 hours organizing a detailed a multi media guide to self control based upon these lifehacks. Then I released it completely for free (no signup required) on my website, Limitless Mindset. Since I want to help as many people as possible with this information I personally emailed 40 different psychologists in the Denver area and offered to send them this guide completely for free, no strings attached.

I made what I thought was a very safe assumption that these psychologists had clients who would benefit greatly from these kinds of high leverage yet uncommon strategies for self control.

So far out of 41 emailed ZERO have responded.

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A Post Opp's Devolution: Part 6 - The Addict

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Jason's first thought I've spent all the damn day gaming! Now I'm probably late to my date with Astrid and she'll never want to see me again!

As he paused the game he self criticized... Jason you fucking addict! How much of your damn life are you going to waste with these sims?

However, relief flooded his mind as soon as he saw the time, 6:14PM I still have 90 minutes to get ready for my date and book it over to water fountain park! It's only like 5 minutes by auto taxi.

Jason was near the top of the cognitive enhancement roller coaster; sitting in the nerve center of his little online gambling empire which he had designed with sensory deprivation in mind, he was almost overwhelmed with sensation, sound and sight. His hearing was as sharp as a bat's, from his high rise condo he could differentiate the individual sounds outside his window that were usually a smörgåsbord of generic city noise; a car's squeaky brakes, a motorcycle revving, a metro train crossing a bridge, a car's engine starting, a woman yelling and a horn honking. The glowing of screens of the nerve center sharply contrasted the dusky spectrum of colors in the sky outside. The screen displayed various live reports of digitally quantifiable aspects of Jason's life; his rankings in various gaming tournaments, the performance of the investments he had made in various funds, emails and social media notifications along with a slew of biofeedback date, his heart rate variability, blood sugar levels even his proportion of alpha to gamma brain waves. In just a few seconds he could glance from screen to screen, take in and analyze about 50 different metrics.
I should really eat something soon! But... It really would be a shame to waste this buzz! He resumed playing.

The two curvaceous figures in the bed didn't seem to pay a lot of mind to the new intruders in their chamber. He approached their bed, they didn't react much, although one of them uttered in a low, sultry voice "Geia (yah)" - "Hello" in Greek, as she brushed her hair off her shoulder. He smiled widely and slowly at her.

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$4100 in 50 Minutes: The Neurotransmitter Cocktail I Mix to Seduce and Profit

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

CasanovaI was on a sales call recently, I wasn't that confident about the call being worth my while, but I have a sales process I follow regardless. So I smiled and dailed, half way through the sales call the balance of my Paypal account had increased by more than $2000.

Now this doesn't happen to me everyday, in fact my experience of the business world and capitalizing on opportunity as been very asymmetrical - feast or famine; when it rains it pours. My experience is that it's not a numbers game, good fortune is due to almost invisible meta factors, which conspire in rare moments to create windfalls, when they do it's worthwhile to analyze why.

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A Post Opp's Devolution: Part 5 - The Dictator

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

These games were incredibly focus intensive, in fact they employed a gamified working memory task, so that the challenges of the game took up your RAM-like working memory (aka conscious mind). Lots of players consumed absurd amounts of caffeine while playing to try to push the envelope...
Amateurs! I dabble with the modafinil molecule to augment my gaming skills, it's like being on 3 cups of coffee for 9 hours, minus the twitchiness, if I'm actually competing and really need to bring next level game, I stack it with a tablespoon or two of MCT oil, which switches your brain over to burning ketones instead of carbohydrates, tantamount to putting Super Unleaded gasoline instead of dirty cooking oil in the fuel tank of a V8 Mustang before a day at the track. Together they make you a scary smart, focused gamer.

The game began under the waves, with a tour of an massive submarine, The Neptune, the flagship of the Atlantean navy. An attractive, female lieutenant was his guide throughout the vessel as he interacted with an assortment of colorful characters throughout the submarine; gruff engineers in the propulsion sector, two tobacco smoking, philosophizing laborers in the torpedo room, infantrymen training hand to hand combat, two drunken sailors, hurling insults, in the brig who had been locked up for a fight, new recruits being brain washed in a training center and an infirmary with a drugged up patient undergoing surgery and a flight deck crammed with smaller combat craft. He poked his digital head into several shrines and onboard temples of the Atlantean pantheon, a few of which doubled as brothels. His tour also included an impressive map room with one wall covered by a realistically inaccurate map of the globe according to the leading Atlantean cartographers, in the corner of the map room two such cartographers argued about the existence of Greenland.

The world of the Neptune was a smörgåsbord of modern technology (like torpedoes), ancient implements of warfare (like swords), magic arts of the Atlanteans, and polytheistic religious iconoclasm.

The tour ended in a conference room where Jason's character was made responsible for investigating a remote outpost of the Atlantean hegemony that had been destroyed by a disaster of epic proportions on the Mediterranean isle of Crete.

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A Post Opp's Devolution: Part 4 - Promises, Promises

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Jason strolled back to his condo feeling like Norse deity after defeating a school of sea monsters.

Astrid had embraced him long and tight, after Alejandra had insisted they had something to attend to and had to leave. In that moment, Jason had decided it was time to pull out all the stops and go big with this girl. In her lithe arms, every atom of Jason's body seemed to command him: Do whatever it takes to keep this girl!
"I have this friend who is a helicopter pilot. Sometimes he takes me on private, sightseeing flights over the city..."
He's my 'friend' because I pay him $250 an hour!
Her eyes opened even wider, and her face beamed curiosity
"Would you like to go on a private flight with me? To see the city from the sky. The lights and buildings are really beautiful at night."
"Of course! When?" She blurted, rubbing his upper shoulder with the tenderness of a telepathic masseuse, her face a vision of infatuation as Oxytocin began to dance with caffeine in her Antioquian hypothalamus.
"Uhm... I will call my friend and see, but probably this weekend. Ok?"
"I've never been in a helicopter before! I'm so excited!"
"You like sushi?" Jason was about to sweeten the already overwhelming offer
"I've never tried sushi before..."
"Well one of the best sushi restaurants in the country is not far from here and I'm friends with one of the sushi chefs. Sometimes I hire him privately to cook in my kitchen."
I only have pay him $45 an hour!
"I have never tried sushi before but I would love too, mi amore! What should I wear?" Astrid's took his hands
Alejandra cut into the intimate conversation, mentioning something quickly to her sister in Spanish (Jason's Link picked up "rich dress"), that Astrid nodded giddily too.
"I have a Gucci dress she can barrow." Alejandra noticeably enunciated 'barrow' as she lovingly caressed her twin's exposed shoulder "So she looks the part on your big night."
"Great. You will wear a dress and I a suit and we will have a movie star night together that we will never forget."
With that she planted a big, wet kiss on his lips. She was a vision of childlike excitement, twirling her hair every few seconds.
There is nothing as divinely beautiful as a promise, the moment after it is made, well perhaps except for the magnificent curvature and proportions of Astrid's figure.

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The emWave2, Marijuana, Religion and Flowstates?

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    


marijuanaOne night, after completing a 92 day period of intermittent sobriety, I smoked a joint with friends in a lovely park overlooking the city. In between laughing, coughing and making plans to get snacks, I started wondering if - high on Marijuana - I was in a state of Coherence?

Getting my laptop, firing up the Heartmath software, connecting the USB cord just seemed like too much work (hey I was stoned!), so I just laid in bed and used the emWave2 (I seriously doubt I'm the first one to do this).

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The Biohacking Industry's Looming Ethics Crisis

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Ethic Crisis
Recently a blogger in the Biohacking space, Mans Denton of TheHackedMind.com, was sentenced to 8 years in prison for theft of historical holocaust documents. Apparently Mans had worked at The Mazal Holocaust Library in San Antonio, Texas and he pilfered several thousand documents with the intent to sell them to the highest bidder online.

When I first heard this story, I had three quite contrary reactions:
Disgust - At this man adding insult to injury to an entire people, by trying to profit from the theft of such ethnically sensitive documents.
Fascination - The part of me that's probably seen too many heist movies and enjoyed reading the autobiography of a thief who stolen $30 million in jewelry wonders how it went down... Did he just pack everything up in his backpack? Did he have to sneak in during the dead of the night? Was it a one man job or were there accomplices?
Curiosity - What Nootropic stack was he on? What inspired him to do this? Is this a case of smart drugs gone bad? How much did he make off the sale of the documents?

itunes-signupJust a week before his sentencing he was interviewed on one of the voices of the industry, Smart Drug Smarts podcast. I encourage you to listen to his interview, he comes across as a level headed and articulate 'normal guy' (well... normal for a Biohacker!)

Thankfully the mainstream media's coverage of the story didn't make the connection between Denton's dabbling in the smart drugs industry and his diabolical crime. However, Mans's crime is an excellent example of how ripe a target our industry is a highly publicized ethics crisis that destroys the credibility of products which genuinely make people happier and healthier.

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Biohacking 'Emotional Regulation'

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

The first session was a little awkward, at first the Coherence indicator was a major distractor, so it added to the consummate compartmentalization challenge that is Dual N-Back training.{youtube}SyKltr5_WDg{/youtube}

I used EQPro which is a new version of the leading Dual N-Back software from IQ Mindware and my friend Dr. Mark Ashton Smith, which trains emotional regulation at the same time. I will publish a full review of EQPro soon but basically it is the Dual N-Back task with emotional data that you have to either ignore or remember.

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A Post Opp's Devolution: Part 1 - Support

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

This was the third time she had looked at him in a journey of only 4 floors. Jason was nervous, it had been a long time since he had been alone and physically this close to woman actually wearing a skirt. More than being nervous he was irritated he wasn't able to login to his Link to escape this awkward moment.

Maybe she is a prostitute? So anarchonistic of her! He thought to himself.

Her eyes almost met his as he looked at the elevator buttons, he nervously glanced towards the corner of the elevator to avoid eye contact.

Only four more floors to go to get to Support. Could they design this elevator to go slower! Maybe I should say something to her? Like 'hello, nice weather today'... No that's a boring conversation topic! Should I ask her if she works in building? Obviously not, besides it's creepy to ask a stranger where she works...

She had Latina features; jet black hair, piercing dark eyes, creamy skin, and her hips had a nice width to them... She looked like she was in a hurry, tapping her foot on the floor as they finally arrived at Jason's floor, the Support offices. She walked out of the elevator first, as she did she passed within a meter of Jason and he caught her rare scent...

He felt something profound change deep within his body, close up he could see how vibrant her skin was and how the curvature of her shoulders flowed into her breasts. Intoxicating!

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A Post Opp's Devolution: Part 2 - Temp Job Offer

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Jason had reentered the digitized opium trip that comprised the majority of his waking life, as soon as he got home he loaded up the most recent level, of his favorite virtual reality program, Sutra Samurai SwordXxx.
Basically you were attacked by wave after wave of ninjas while fucking a harem of geishas. Jason had been having simulated sex since he was 8 years old, at this point he really couldn't get off to anything other than fantasies of group sex with Asians, interrupted spontaneously with violence. There's just something about Asians!
Jason was digitally balls deep, having simulated doggy style sex with a geisha with comically large boobs when a ninja dropped next to him from the ceiling and swung a sword at his digital head. He barely ducked what could have been a decapitating blow and plunged the speer he had laid next to the buxom geisha into the gut of the ninja.
"You'll never escape..." The ninja said in a raspy voice, coughing up blood as he sunk to the floor.
"You so strong." the geisha memured, totally unconcerned by the recent assassination attempt.
Her dialog might be weak but she fucked like pornstar and the attention to detail was exquisite; from the jiggle of her breasts, the moans, her insatiability for weird positions, to the sweat forming on her curved back.
As Jason was about to climax a skinnier geisha who had given him a blowjob earlier reentered the scene... This could get interesting!
The skinnier geisha knelt down to kiss Jason but there was something wrong with her eyes... Her irises are too... Catlike... A shape shifter!
In one dramatic spinning movement she produced a dagger and slit Jason's digital throat just a moment after their lips had been intertwined. Bitch!
Jason's perspective in the game became disembodied as he rose above his character's digital body.
The skinny geisha let out a diabolical laugh and transformed into a sexy she-demon with translucent wings.
Just as he was about to restart the level a notification popped up.

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A Post Opp's Devolution: Part 3 - Phenibut

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Jason's Link was 100% today.

The Angel of gratitude empowered optimism and the Demon of self monitoring pessimism in Jason's mind fiercely debated the day that awaited him...
"Lucky us! We got a big date today with a real woman! And a mysterious new drug to try..." The Angel beamed
"Are you really going to risk getting a citation that could result in expulsion from Support just for a date with a girl that's probably a hooker?? There's NO way that girl will sleep with you." The Demon brooded
"She certainly didn't seem like a hooker and she actually asked me out, so she might be interested in me!"
"Do you actually think you can handle a real woman like that? If she so much as touches your arm, your biosigns will be through the stratosphere."
"Well the drug Yuri is giving me is supposed to counter act that; keep me relaxed and tranquil. If the smart drug actually works, it's worth meeting her." Jason's cost benefit analysis was complete.

The night before the veterans, all of whom apparently had experience with Phenibut, described it in terms dripping with puffery and hyperbole:
"It turns you into a villain from a 007 movie..."
"It's legal but it shouldn't be..."
"It makes you smooth like butter..."
"It turns any woman into a succubus..."
"It gives you unstoppable liquid confidence but doesn't make you retarded like booze does..."

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100 Days of Dual N-Back Training

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

You don't have to spend much time researching Biohacking before you start hearing about the myriad benefits of Dual N-Back training...

  • Sharpening the working memory, the 'scratch pad' of the mind that we use to solve problems.
  • Increasing IQ
  • Lifehacking language learning, by promoting Nueroplasticity and grey matter density
  • Improving fluid intelligence, to solve novel problems intelligently.
  • Increasing self control.
  • Compartmentalization of emotions.
  • Higher scores on Raven's Matrices Test.

This article is primarily concerned with the 'transfer effects' or Personal Development benefits of Dual N-Back training; I'm of the school of philosophy that if something doesn't ultimately lead to getting me paid or getting me laid, it's not really worth my time. I'm all about 'know thyself' as long as it leads to more of this...

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Lifehacking Ethical Hedonism: Make Good Decisions on Autopilot & Be the ROCKSTAR Forever

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

This article will dive into the millenniums old, yet rarely practiced mindset of ethical hedonism along with exploring it's biological implications.{2jtoolbox photogallery id:1}

The core belief of hedonism is that people should do everything in their power to achieve the maximum amount of pleasure. It is also the idea that every person's pleasure should far surpass their amount of pain.
However, when we think of hedonism we usually think of... 

  • Sex orgies
  • Excessive drunkenness
  • Doing lots of hard drugs
  • Crazy, over the top parties
  • Really indulgent deserts and delicious foods

These are all things that are really enjoyable, but we also think of them as self destructive, or at least irresponsible and juvenile. We get massive spikes of the feel good nuerotransmitters; serotonin and dopamine from them. In fact that is why we say: That party was dope or that DJ was dope!

AristippusEthical hedonism is a philosophy first articulated Aristippus of Cyrene, a pupil of Socrates. Aristippus wasn't a big believer in an after life so he figured that as long as you were above ground you might as well be enjoying yourself. He held the idea that pleasure is the highest good in the world. The other students of Socrates believed that the greatest good was to:

  • To contribute to society
  • To seek self knowledge
  • To understand the natural world

Aristippus was like: Fuck that noise! The greatest good is to get wasted on wine and have an orgy with a bunch of hot, young greeks.
He believed that pleasure was the ultimate good and I mostly agree!

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