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A Post Opp's Devolution: Part 1 - Support

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

This was the third time she had looked at him in a journey of only 4 floors. Jason was nervous, it had been a long time since he had been alone and physically this close to woman actually wearing a skirt. More than being nervous he was irritated he wasn't able to login to his Link to escape this awkward moment.

Maybe she is a prostitute? So anarchonistic of her! He thought to himself.

Her eyes almost met his as he looked at the elevator buttons, he nervously glanced towards the corner of the elevator to avoid eye contact.

Only four more floors to go to get to Support. Could they design this elevator to go slower! Maybe I should say something to her? Like 'hello, nice weather today'... No that's a boring conversation topic! Should I ask her if she works in building? Obviously not, besides it's creepy to ask a stranger where she works...

She had Latina features; jet black hair, piercing dark eyes, creamy skin, and her hips had a nice width to them... She looked like she was in a hurry, tapping her foot on the floor as they finally arrived at Jason's floor, the Support offices. She walked out of the elevator first, as she did she passed within a meter of Jason and he caught her rare scent...

He felt something profound change deep within his body, close up he could see how vibrant her skin was and how the curvature of her shoulders flowed into her breasts. Intoxicating!

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A Post Opp's Devolution: Part 2 - Temp Job Offer

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Jason had reentered the digitized opium trip that comprised the majority of his waking life, as soon as he got home he loaded up the most recent level, of his favorite virtual reality program, Sutra Samurai SwordXxx.
Basically you were attacked by wave after wave of ninjas while fucking a harem of geishas. Jason had been having simulated sex since he was 8 years old, at this point he really couldn't get off to anything other than fantasies of group sex with Asians, interrupted spontaneously with violence. There's just something about Asians!
Jason was digitally balls deep, having simulated doggy style sex with a geisha with comically large boobs when a ninja dropped next to him from the ceiling and swung a sword at his digital head. He barely ducked what could have been a decapitating blow and plunged the speer he had laid next to the buxom geisha into the gut of the ninja.
"You'll never escape..." The ninja said in a raspy voice, coughing up blood as he sunk to the floor.
"You so strong." the geisha memured, totally unconcerned by the recent assassination attempt.
Her dialog might be weak but she fucked like pornstar and the attention to detail was exquisite; from the jiggle of her breasts, the moans, her insatiability for weird positions, to the sweat forming on her curved back.
As Jason was about to climax a skinnier geisha who had given him a blowjob earlier reentered the scene... This could get interesting!
The skinnier geisha knelt down to kiss Jason but there was something wrong with her eyes... Her irises are too... Catlike... A shape shifter!
In one dramatic spinning movement she produced a dagger and slit Jason's digital throat just a moment after their lips had been intertwined. Bitch!
Jason's perspective in the game became disembodied as he rose above his character's digital body.
The skinny geisha let out a diabolical laugh and transformed into a sexy she-demon with translucent wings.
Just as he was about to restart the level a notification popped up.

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A Post Opp's Devolution: Part 3 - Phenibut

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Jason's Link was 100% today.

The Angel of gratitude empowered optimism and the Demon of self monitoring pessimism in Jason's mind fiercely debated the day that awaited him...
"Lucky us! We got a big date today with a real woman! And a mysterious new drug to try..." The Angel beamed
"Are you really going to risk getting a citation that could result in expulsion from Support just for a date with a girl that's probably a hooker?? There's NO way that girl will sleep with you." The Demon brooded
"She certainly didn't seem like a hooker and she actually asked me out, so she might be interested in me!"
"Do you actually think you can handle a real woman like that? If she so much as touches your arm, your biosigns will be through the stratosphere."
"Well the drug Yuri is giving me is supposed to counter act that; keep me relaxed and tranquil. If the smart drug actually works, it's worth meeting her." Jason's cost benefit analysis was complete.

The night before the veterans, all of whom apparently had experience with Phenibut, described it in terms dripping with puffery and hyperbole:
"It turns you into a villain from a 007 movie..."
"It's legal but it shouldn't be..."
"It makes you smooth like butter..."
"It turns any woman into a succubus..."
"It gives you unstoppable liquid confidence but doesn't make you retarded like booze does..."

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100 Days of Dual N-Back Training

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

You don't have to spend much time researching Biohacking before you start hearing about the myriad benefits of Dual N-Back training...

  • Sharpening the working memory, the 'scratch pad' of the mind that we use to solve problems.
  • Increasing IQ
  • Lifehacking language learning, by promoting Nueroplasticity and grey matter density
  • Improving fluid intelligence, to solve novel problems intelligently.
  • Increasing self control.
  • Compartmentalization of emotions.
  • Higher scores on Raven's Matrices Test.

This article is primarily concerned with the 'transfer effects' or Personal Development benefits of Dual N-Back training; I'm of the school of philosophy that if something doesn't ultimately lead to getting me paid or getting me laid, it's not really worth my time. I'm all about 'know thyself' as long as it leads to more of this...

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Lifehacking Ethical Hedonism: Make Good Decisions on Autopilot & Be the ROCKSTAR Forever

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

This article will dive into the millenniums old, yet rarely practiced mindset of ethical hedonism along with exploring it's biological implications.

{2jtoolbox photogallery id:1}

The core belief of hedonism is that...

People should do everything in their power to achieve the maximum amount of pleasure. It is also the idea that every person's pleasure should far surpass their amount of pain.

However, when we think of hedonism we usually think of... 

  • Sex orgies
  • Excessive drunkenness
  • Doing lots of hard drugs
  • Crazy, over the top parties
  • Really indulgent deserts and delicious foods

These are all things that are really enjoyable, but we also think of them as self destructive, or at least irresponsible and juvenile. We get massive spikes of the feel good nuerotransmitters; serotonin and dopamine from them. In fact that is why we say: That party was dope or that DJ was dope!



Ethical hedonism is a philosophy first articulated Aristippus of Cyrene, a pupil of Socrates. Aristippus wasn't a big believer in an after life so he figured that as long as you were above ground you might as well be enjoying yourself! 

He held the idea that pleasure is the highest good in the world. The other students of Socrates believed that the greatest good was to:

  • To contribute to society
  • To seek self knowledge
  • To understand the natural world

Aristippus was like: Fuck that noise! The greatest good is to get wasted on wine and have an orgy with a bunch of hot, young greeks.
He believed that pleasure was the ultimate good and I mostly agree!

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Practical Applications of Ethical Hedonism

Goal Failure Demystified+144 Studies Synopsized

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

"Research has shown that the most effective behavior change from nutrition education interventions occurs when the interventions are behaviorally focused and theory driven."

Lifehack: Goal Rearticulation
1. Look at your list of New Years Resolutions
2. Take 10-15 minutes to change all outcome based goals into measurable behaviors
3. Add those behaviors as habits to your dashboard

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Examples of Goal Rearticulation

The Hueristic Habit for Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

So around this time of the year a lot of personal development and Entrepreneurial podcasts I listen too start talking about New Year's Resolutions. And I've been hearing kind of a lot of the same sort of generic advice:

  • You should write down your goals.
  • The new year could be your best year
  • If you failed to accomplish your all your goals in 2013 that doesn't mean goals are bad, it just means you should make new goals in 2014.
  • Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time specific)

So this kind of advice is all good, it really does work but it's all basically stuff my mom had taught me by the time I was like 10 years old. (Thanks mom!)

So I've decided to do something different! This video is going to be concise yet complete guide to a scientifically grounded practice for productivity that you probably aren't using right now.

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What a SCAM Nootropic looks like...

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

This is a great example of what a potentially illegitimate product looks like:

  • Sharp looking website
  • Only 2 photos on the entire website
  • No 3rd party credibility on website
  • No case studies
  • No 'real people' on the website behind the product
  • +1500 'likes' on Facebook but zero customer community online
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Tour of JR's 'Crib' + 'Being Present' Gamified + Lifehacking Real Estate

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

So this wouldn't be a useful video if I didn't give you resources and tactics to have the same kinds of experiences I'm describing:
How to Use Ninja Craigslist and Negotiating Tactics to Save a Fortune and Get Your Dream Home
Podcast#7: Getting Your Dream Home Sooner & Cheaper 
Why Dual N-Back training makes you present 

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Be Limitless for 25 Cents a Day

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    


Two questions I get A LOT from people who are new to Biohacking and haven't yet tried smart drugs is:
Which smart drug supplements actually work and have science behind them?
Which Nootropic should I get start with?

My answer to both questions is the same: Piracetam

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More about Piracetam

Lifehacking Sobriety: 100 Days of Ethical Hedonism in South America's #1 Vice City

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

In a radical lifestyle experiment and self control challenge I spent over three and half months completely sober in Medellin, Colombia. In these +100 days I experienced meteoric personal development in multiple dimensions. I also partied with some of the coolest, most interesting and sexiest people I've ever met.

As you can see I was not a monk during my sober trip. I went out and socialized 3-5 times a week with people who were drinking and partying. This article will cover uncommon motives for my sobriety, the lifehacks I employed to keep up with the drunks around me along with the unexpected (and sometimes hilarious) consequences. This article is more for lifehacking socialites, personal development junkies and self experimenters than it is for recovering alcoholics. The ultimate message I hope to communicate is that the sober life can be orders of magnitude more fun than the intoxicated life. There's a lot of references here to Colombian culture and the adventures I've had in this lovely country but I think anyone anywhere in the world considering a sober social life will find a lot of actionable information here.

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin Lifehacking SobrietyRio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires may have bigger parties, but the home town of Pablo Escobar, Medellin has to take the title of #1 vice city in this hemisphere with its:

  • Legalized prostitution
  • Constant festivals
  • Reggaeton fueled nightlife
  • Abundance of high quality, ridiculously affordable cocaine
  • Intoxicatingly beautiful women
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