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The blog (featuring some seriously actionable articles of exhaustive length!) on everything from biohacking, memory systems and mind hardware to social dynamics and smart drugs.

For Gentlemen: The $77 Mindset Experiment to Make You Absolutely Fascinating for a Night

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    
mindsetChanging your life and mindset requires exploring outside of your comfort zone. I have a social experiment I would like you to conduct; it's going to make you the center of attention for a night, people will stare at you, it's going to make people remember you months or years from now. It's going to make you bolder, funnier, probably even more charming, and it's going to cost you approximately $77. Add a comment

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Selling to Corporate Decision Makers – Close Bigger Deals by Selling to the C-Level

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    
decision makerBusiness to business sales (B2B) is a difficult nut to crack, especially if you're used to dealing with decision makers for smaller or local companies only. Why does it seem like every startup is antsy to gobble up your helpful services, but the large C-level corporate heads couldn't care less about you? Do not be discouraged, friend. Industry professionals who have "been there, done that" have a few suggestions to help you and your business break into this lucrative market. Add a comment

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How to Play the Young & Ambitious Card

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

YoungAmbitiousAudio ProgramYou want to experience career success at a young age? You want to be the youngest person at your office? You want to make your coworkers scratch their heads because you're getting paid the same as them at half their age with a fraction of their education? You want investors and established business people to open their check books to you even though your track record in business is pretty much none existent? We'll you need a learn how to play the young & ambitious card.

Playing the young and ambitious card doesn't mean you don't work hard or that you don't educate yourself, it just means that you take the path of least resistance to a successful career.

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How To Be Charming in a Language You Barely Speak

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

charming forign language"You exceeded my expectations!" the beautiful Brazilian girl beside me exclaimed, in her exotically accented English to the Barista in the gourmet cafe. The Barista had created one of those cute little paintings with creamer on the surface of her latte which apparently exceeded her expectations.

That entire day, even after we finished our coffee and she left with an effortlessly enunciated ciao, I couldn't help but smile at how damn cute the way she talked sounded. I'd spent quite a lot of time around foreign ascents, even hung out with a fair share of Brazilian's but something about her's was unique.

After 7 months in Central and South America spent learning Spanish and making friends with travelers hailing from Iceland to Pakistan, I've finally figured out what made the Brazilian in the cafe so charming.

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Problem Solved: Feeling Tired

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Feeling TiredThe Problem: You feel tired and unfocused at times when you need to be productive.
This can be a complicated problem and it is certainly worthy of introspection and self quantification but luckily it's productivity robbing symptom, feeling tired and unfocused, is easy and cheap to fix.

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Accelerated Language Learning using Memory Systems, SuperMemo and Dual N-Back Training

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Before we talk about accelerated language acquisition, using some exciting technologies, Memory Systems, Dual N-Back Pro and SuperMemo, let's talk about accelerated personal development. Why is it that some people languish in personal development purgatory for years or decades while other people read a book, take a course, listen to a podcast, apply the knowledge and get meaningful (or profitable!) results fast? The most practical, measurable and none woo woo answer to this conundrum is that the person who gets more results, faster has a mind with healthier Neuroplasticity mechanisms. Neuroplasticity, is a chemical process that occurs on the molecular and cellular levels of our brain's gray matter, it results in new brain cells being manufactured and synaptic connections forming in the mind.

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Information Diet Lifehack: Offline Video

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

IncomingTVIn the past few weeks I've found a seriously awesome free app for streamlining my online video consumption, Incoming TV.

Watching online videos presents some serious information consumption problems for the savvy lifehacker:
Distraction, a YouTube video turns what was supposed to be a 30 second visit to Twitter into a 7 minute distraction from work in the middle of a busy morning.
Buffering, how often is your viewer experience and the creator's original vision molested by bandwidth buffering? How many valuable moments of your life have been wasted waiting for a video to buffer?
Ads, online video is becoming decreasingly ad free, as a lifehacker I do abhor paying my finite attention to a 30 or 60 seconds ad before the video I'm watching.
Wifi Connectivity, as an international digital vegabond, sometimes the moments I'd most like to spend watching Youtube video I don't have a wifi connection. While I'm waiting in line at the airport I'd like to catch up with a few of my favorite video bloggers. Or watch a documentary about infamous drug lords while I'm on a bus ride.

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How To NOT Lose Your Stuff (Passport, Phone, Wallet, Fluffy Handcuffs, etc) While Traveling

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Organizing Your Stuff Traveling
The traveler's trail is a boulevard of tragic stories of lost iPhones, Android Devices that (like in their clever commercials) grew legs and ran away, pilfered ergonomic earphones, stolen laptops, absentee underwear and most seriously, misplaced passports. Losing your stuff while traveling sucks, not only because of inconvenience, the stress, the replacement costs but more importantly because of the time it takes that could be spent enjoying travel, doing cool things and connecting with interesting people. This article will present some bizarre memory systems, life hacks and uncommon yet practical solutions for not losing your valuable stuff while traveling.

Consistency of Placement
The most common sense (yet uncommonly practiced) solution to not losing your stuff is this simple: keep your things in the same place. One of the biggest reasons people lose things, temporarily and permanently, is that they leave them in new places because of convenience or absentmindedness. You are rushing to meet friends for dinner so you leave your shaver in the hostel bathroom or you are exhausted after a long flight so you fall asleep with your laptop on your bed. Resist this temptation, and create a system for keeping your stuff in the same place.
Here's a few practical examples:

  • My passport - Goes in the back internal zipper container of my backpack or in my left pocket next to my wallet.
  • My iPod Earphones - Goes under my pillowcase while I'm sleeping or wrapped around my Android in my pocket.
  • My Fancy Fedora - Goes under my bed behind my toiletries case.
  • My Laptop - Goes in my backpack under my bed or in a safe box.
  • My USB Cables - Goes next to my underwear compartment in my luggage. Add a comment

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Persuasion Tactic: Using Memory Systems to Recall Studies

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Persuasion Tactic
Here's a stupid thing to say that also guarantees you are NOT going to be very persuasive: There are studies showing that [blank]...

The [blank] is a point of view someone is trying to prove or convince others of and almost 100% of the time this statement fails to do so. There are several ways that people are persuaded: by objective evidence (data), 3rd party reports or testimonials or by appeals to their own experience. Claiming that studies exist to support your point does none of these things.

If you say this without giving supporting, specific details about the study anyone worth convincing will successfully challenge the validity of the nameless study you are citing. While this seems like terribly common sense, you hear people say it all the time, during discussions, debates and even on interviews.

The Solution: Is to remember just a few specific details of the study and data it produced.

  • The country or university it was conducted at?
  • Date or time period over which the study was conducted?
  • Specific statistics or data from the study.
  • Books you read that referenced the study.

The Problem: If you're like most people you probably are not great at remembering this kind of specific information. What a great opportunity to practice memory systems when you most need to be persuasive!

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Coconuts Cure Hangovers!

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Next too skydiving on a frigid winter morning over the Colorado Rockies, Coconuts are an an excellent solution to vanquishing hangovers.

Check out this funny video of me doing an exceptionally bad job of explaining this and showing how to open a coconut in 3 seconds.

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20 Notorious Problems of Smart People

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

2017 Update: I've spent the past 5 years doing lifestyle design experiments, trying to systematize and build habits to minimize the idiosyncrasies and insecurities that arise from my intellect. I've done a pretty good job of beating the smart people problems. I put together a Lifestyle Plan flowchart which visually breaks it down, it's a peek into some of the wacky, unconventionally yet seriously effective lifestyle strategies that empower the pretty awesome life I have, get it here...

Society puts smart people on quite a lofty pedestal but there's some real downsides to being highly intelligent. You're on this website because you were either born a smart person (which as you will see by the end of this article is actually not such a lucky roll of the genetic dice) or on your way to becoming a very smart person. Whether you're part of the club already or still (like me!) paying your dues there's some things that really suck about being smart.

By the End of this Article...

You will understand some of the vexing problems that you have, up to this point in your life, failed to beat with your smarts and intellectual resources. For each problem we identify solutions; both actionable behaviors to change and deeper mindsets to internalize.

Dr-Mark-Ashton-SmithDo you know anyone that when you talk to them you feel like a young Jedi getting advice advice from Yoda? I do. His name is Dr. Mark Ashton Smith. Dr. Smith runs a cognitive psychology lab at the University of Cyprus, is a lecturer at Cambridge University and is the creator of the brain training software Dual N-Back Pro. He's one of the most insightful, well spoken and charming people I know. We had a +1 hour conversation about smart people problems in Podcast #26, give it a download!

not getting laid

Getting Laid Less

Highly intelligent people usually have less sex, especially when they are younger. I totally used too fit into this stereotype...

I lost my virginity to spy. Here's the story...


At age 20 I had a great social life and lots of friends who were girls but I was a virgin and I badly wanted to change that. I met her on the dancefloor at a foam party (classy... I know!). She had an exotic, uhm, black woman's name.

The girl I met a midst the suds aggressively thrust me into her social group. We started going out together once or twice a week, as friends. One night we jokingly agreed to be each other's PLAN B in case we didn't hook up with strangers at the party we were going too (again, classy, I know!). Before I dropped her off I announced that I needed a glass of water from her apartment. I left about 3 hours later devirginized. When we had first met she mentioned she had studied criminal justice. I found out a year later that her secretarial office job was a cover for her job as spyShe worked for the State of Colorado and was investigating her employer for financial fraud. As she grew to trust me she confided various details of her undercover assignments. Eventually she quit after witnessing a recently deceased coworker - there's no way I would share this via my blog if she was still a spy. She was a good friend.

sexUnfortunately the stereotype of the sexually frustrated nerd who hasn't been laid in 6 months is pretty accurate, especially in younger people as documented in a Journal of Adolescent Health paper. I'm not just talking about smart guys either, there's is a strong correlation between lower birthrate and women of higher education and IQ. Smart people's tendency to over analyze probably has a lot to do with this problem, we are more often doing cost-benefit analysis, second guessing decisions and trying to make predictions about our future relationships when we should probably be thinking with our loins instead of our neocortexes.

On the Bright Side: General Survey Data from the United States suggests that richer, more educated people enjoy sex more.

The Solution: The activities that get you laid; dating, courtship and lovemaking really are skill sets that need to be developed with study, coaching, practice and repetition. Three really excellent, ethical resources I've found for these areas are the The Art of Charm Podcast and Daygame. A Mindmiester flowchart is a great tool for purposeful lifestyle design.

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