Sharpen Your Intellect with These 5 Nootropic Foods

I have to admit something to you, yesterday I ate a package of cookies, it was my day off, I was just relaxing and I thought, you know I deserve a cheat day, why not? They were good going down, but then something strange happened. In the next hour or two after eating the cookies I was struck by how unhappy I became.
Even though I was sitting on my comfortable couch in my comfortable apartment, in the center of a fun city.
Even though, I'd had a kickass week doing the work that I love.
Even though I was just a few clicks away from a massive digital library of television and movies along with books I've bought on subjects that interest me or social networks full of people who would be eager to meet me.
Even though, I had a smart phone in my hand full contacts of people who I like spend time with, I just could not find even a modicum of relaxed satisfaction between my neurotic clicking, swiping and browser tab juggling.
In recent memory, it really was one of the most unhappy states I've found myself in.

This brings me to an important point, food has a subtle yet profound effect on our mood. Checkout this article, by Ben of - Jonathan Roseland

There's no doubt that diet is one of the most important modifiable risk factors for dementia. In addition to having a neuroprotective effects, regular consumption of certain foods confers a clear cognitive edge (Cha-ching! -JR). I always enjoy getting a new computer with excess RAM, no lag, and no bloatware. To make a bad analogy: these brain foods will upgrade your brain so that it’s just as snappy as a new computer.

Just like sleep flushes the brain of toxins, some foods seem to reverse brain aging. Colorful foods, like blueberries, are particularly antioxidant rich.

A Surprising Connection Between Food Color and Nootropic Effects

There’s an interesting connection between how colorful a food is and its antioxidant and nootropic effects.
Many colorful compounds (beta carotene, for example) are conjugated systems, with alternating single and double bonds. Note the alternating double and single bonds in the structure of beta-carotene, shown below.

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Coconuts Cure Hangovers!

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Next too skydiving on a frigid winter morning over the Colorado Rockies, Coconuts are an an excellent solution to vanquishing hangovers.

Check out this funny video of me doing an exceptionally bad job of explaining this and showing how to open a coconut in 3 seconds.

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My $1 Diet Lifehack: Coconuts

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

diet lifehack

This article is about what is maybe my number one lifehack - Coconuts, yes coconuts. I'm serious about coconuts. Whenever I learn a new language I start by learning phrases like
Soy el commandante del cocos (Spanish) - I'm the commander of the coconuts
Я босс кокосов (Russian) - I'm the boss of coconuts
Sunt regele nuci de cocos (Romanian) - I'm the king of coconuts

Coconuts are my number one diet hack because they are economic, simple, social, nutritious, delicious, and fun:


one dollar billYou can replace one of your meals a day with a coconut that is going to cost you about one dollar. I've eaten thousands of coconuts over the years while living in Latin America - South America - North America and Europe. Interestingly coconuts cost about the same all over the world, you would think the price of coconuts would vary significantly as you got further away from the tropics but even in Eastern Europe, during the winter time I could easily find coconuts for about a dollar. I always try to buy my coconuts from the fancy, organic grocery store in town, since I assume they are a higher quality supply and they still always cost just about a dollar. Nobody watching this can use the excuse; that they can't afford to eat healthy! Unless you live in someplace like Iceland, you can replace one of your meals a day with a coconut that will cost about a dollar.

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Cooking Techniques for Maximum Brain Health Nutrition

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Ideally the limitless way to consume food is to eat it raw. Raw meats, fruits and vegetables retain the highest amounts of nutrients. However, very few people are willing to make a lifestyle change to eating raw food all the time. The important thing to keep in mind is that when cooking, less is more, the less cooked your food is the more good stuff it retains.

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Foods that Negatively Affect Brain Health

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Foods that clog arteries will naturally also reduce blood flow to the brain. Foods with higher glycemic indexes can cause  harmful blood-sugar swings that steal money from your brain. Foods that are bad for the development and health of your brain often have the following characteristics:

  • High levels of refined sugar
  • White flour
  • Trans fat
  • Polyunsaturated & hydrogenated fats
  • Salt
  • Numerous food additives such as monosodium glutamate and tartrazine.

They are also usually lacking in:

  • Proteins
  • Fiber
  • Vitamins
  • And other healthy attributes

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