Limitless Dietary Additions: A Food Group & an Affordable Suppliment

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In this article I'm going share a food group that you probably don't get enough of and a very affordable supplement for increasing your mental energy.

fishSo let's talk about the food group you should be eating more of; fish! The Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in Salmon and Tuna ensure speedy neuron transmission across the brain's synapse. So next time you are at the grocery store make sure to swing by the meats sections and pick up some salmon and tuna. If you are a vegetarian or just don't like fish pick up some DHA supplements.

Ginkgo-BilobaA limitless (and very affordable) natural supplement I recommend is Ginko Biloba which you can take to increase mental alertness and improve memory. Ginko Biloba has been touted by East Asians for more than 1,000 years as a natural way of improving mental acuity. In fact, Gingko Biloba is the most widely used herbal supplement for memory loss and degenerative brain diseases in the world. The antioxidants in Gingko Biloba are likely to keep free radicals and agents of premature aging out of your system.

I want to tell you about a research project I'm working on, like many of yourselves after seeing the movie Limitless I was inspired to become Limitless in real life! I knew that being limitless in real life would take a lot of research to see what kinds of dietary improvements to my meals along with mental acuity supplements I could take to sharpen my mind, improve my memory and increase my reasoning skills. And yes like yourself I was curious about what kinds of drugs I could take that would make me Limitless without all the nasty side effects that NZT has in the movie.

Me and my team have been researching this and are in the process of producing an multimedia course which will share our findings of dietary improvements, affordable supplements and yes drugs you can take to physiologically improve your mental processes and increase energy. The course will include audio programs, video segments and an PDF ebook quick reference guide. No surprises, we are going to be selling this course, I'm not sure yet for how much but we will keep it very affordable.

Learn more about brain power foods in the Limitless Mindset Brain Power Diet Guide.

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