Where to Shop and Economics of Brain Power Grocery Shopping

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All of the experts we interviewed strongly recommended eating certified organic food that was locally produced. Certified organic food is free of harmful chemicals and genetic modifications that rob the food of the nutrients your body needs. Many of the preservation techniques used to transport food across the planet can further rob your food of nutrients. As you can imagine the food that your find in Wal Mart, Safeway, King Soopers, etc is not produced to be nutritious or healthy and certainly will not give your mind what it needs. This kind of food is produced to be cheap and yield the maximum profits to the food conglomerates.

When to Shop: the first time you go grocery shopping after reading this guide you are going to want to give yourself extra time to shop. You are going to want to spend extra time looking for items, comparing the nutritional benefits, etc. I recommend going shopping at an awkward time (Like a weekday morning, over lunch or later in the evenings) so you can avoid the crowds at the grocery store and won't feel rushed while you compare 5 different types of fish for sale.

Buying your food from a local farmers market as opposed to your big chain grocery stores is tantamount to getting your computer fixed by a small local business as instead of by the Geek Squad at Best Buy. Given the choice most people would deal with a small business that is going to provide a higher quality product/service since they genuinely value your business. The same logic applies even more so when buying your food.

  • The following website is recommended for those seeking locally produced food: EatWild.com
  • Whole Foods or boutique grocers that specialize in certified organic or locally grown foods are also a good option.


If you eat local, certified organic food you will see your body change within a week and you will feel better.

Economics of Eating Limitlessly
Eating limitlessly will in the short term cost more money. An organic farm that humanly raises, feeds, and allows their livestock to free roam is not going to be able to sell their meat for same price per pound as the industrial slaughterhouse does, pumping out the meat of genetically modified animals. However, in the long term eating quality food is significantly better for you economically.

  • Consider the exorbitant costs (In money, time and quality of life) of the inevitable health results of eating cheap food. If you live in America a single nights' stay at the hospital or an operation could easily cost you the equivalent of several years' groceries budget. Heart diseases and numerous medical conditions can be traced back to the mass consumer western diet.
  • Limitless snacking is a significant savings over the way you probably snack now. A bag of almonds that you can snack on for a week or two is approximately the same cost as a candy bar you eat in a few minutes. In the section on snacking it's also explained how you save your body from expensive binge/crash eating energy cycles.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for value shopping in the world of organic local foods. A lot of local organic farms have excellent websites that you can order your food from and have it shipped to your home. Saving you time shopping. As a limitless or pre-limitless individual you know that your time is ultimately far more valuable than your money.
  • The Limitless mindset transformation process you have committed to by purchasing this guide will inevitably result in your income increasing, your increased spend on groceries will be a drop in the bucket.
  • Ultimately you also have to consider the value of the living a long, healthy life versus the savings of 20%-40% that you get from buying cheap, unhealthy food.
  • Finally...

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