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(Updated: January 28, 2017)
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My Take on Caballo

I’m 58 years old.  I decided in June of 2015 that I wanted to become a full stack web developer.  Now, most people my age are retired or thinking of retiring soon, but I want a lucrative career that pays well and I enjoy doing.  
I was in desperate need of cognitive capital.  I searched and tried various mind enhancing products, some worked a little bit, some worked even less.  I found Jonathan’s web site Unlimited Mindset in December.  I read about his product Caballo and all the enormous amount of material on his web site about biohacking. Soon after I ordered Caballo.  I took a dose about 10am on a Tuesday.  I did not feel anything much until late afternoon.  I was working on my web site and was having plugin issues.  I dove in with both feet and worked on it until around midnight.  My wife would call my name, but I was oblivious, so involved in working out solutions and at the same time refining my web site.  I did almost 3 times as much as I would normally do.    I was amazingly focused, and answers would come to me as if I had ordered them from the universe.  
I find the same effect when I’m learning web development, I don’t jump from programming language to programming language, but remain faithful to the language at hand.  I retain information very well.  I’m like a sponge that absorbs everything I read and do with incredible powers of recall. 
Sometimes I find myself entertaining the past.  At those times I can recall things that I couldn’t before, such as people’s faces from childhood,  things I had learned long ago but presumed I had forgotten them.  For example when I was 12 I spent a year in Cali, Colombia, SA.  If I hadn’t learned Spanish, then I would not have had any friends.  I learned fluent spanish.  Before, I would struggle to remember words when conversing in Spanish with others.  Now, the fluency is back, I don’t struggle searching for words to use in conversation.
This is the real thing.  Finally a Nootropic; a smart drug that really works!  I can’t even begin to thank Jonathan enough for his perseverance and finalization of such a wonderful product.

2017 Update: I dunno how you do it, but man -- other than DIY that's best formiula out there.  I kept thinking that the black pill was not enough piracetam, but it is plenty; synergistically working with other racetams and non-racetams.  Amazing stuff!

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