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Bulletproof™ Upgraded™ Coffee
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(Updated: September 17, 2015)
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Profoundly energizing and great tasting coffee

I've had something of a love-hate relationship with coffee in the past, I'd drink 4-6 cups a day to keep re-upping on caffeine to stay productive and out of the crash zone then I'd have to drink two or three beers to actually fall asleep.
Then I'd swear off coffee for months at a time but eventually I moved into a neighborhood in downtown Denver with a bunch of great cafes in it and I became something of a coffee snob, no more Folger's in my cup but my coffee budget was +$100/monthly.
For the 2 years I lived in Colombia I carried on a fiery Latin romance romance with the dark nectar and became a truly elitist in my tastes.
When I moved to Europe in 2015, I had to lower my standards that had been set so high by the baristas of Medellín, then one lucky day I strolled into cafe in downtown Kiev, the menu was in (mostly indecipherable to me) Cyrillic script, but word Bulletproof jumped out at me.

Bulletproof™ Upgraded™ solves all these problems for me.

If you haven't drunken Bulletproof™Coffee before I'd like you to think of that productive, energized head space that you are in at about 9:30AM in the morning, about 25 minutes after you've had your first cup of 'normal coffee'. Now imagine being in that state of mind till 6:30PM in the evening without the anxiety or 'twitchiness' you get after your third or fourth cup of coffee. What is my recipe for grandeur?
8:30 AM Nootropics (Racetam's, Modafinil or whatever Nootropic Stack product I'm on at the moment)
1:30 PM a cup or two of Bulletproof™Coffee+MCT Oil
Once I drank a 3rd cup of Bulletproof™ Coffee+MCT and ended up working till 12:45PM and then watched a movie before I before I could go to sleep.

The only downside is that I that normal, coffee shop coffee just doesn't measure up anymore. It's like driving a Kia after a brand new Mercedes-Benz. Usually at cafe's I order tea now.

If I had only a few tools to select as part of the Limitless Mindset Recipe for Grandeur, Bulletproof™ Coffee would be among them. The Nootropics manufacturers of the world are up against some stiff competition with Bulletproof™ Coffee.

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