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Memantine Canon
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(Updated: December 06, 2017)
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First day on Memantine

I did one little blue tablet in the morning along with a capsules of Uridine, 10 milligrams of Noopept and my adaptogenic herbs. Then I went to my favorite cafe to hangout and work on my laptop; I usually drink two large cafe Americanos, about 45 minutes later halfway through my first coffee memantine's effects were becoming quite noticeable;
I was quite energetic and motivated.
I'm was pretty creative and in a good mood.
I ordered a second coffee but only drank half of it as I felt pretty wired
After working several hours I took a little break to read a book. I found the book very engrossing and intellectually stimulating - I had trouble putting it down!
I noticed that day that my vision was just a little impaired, which is not good because my eyes are pretty bad to begin with.
By the end of the day though I had mixed feeling about Memantine, I felt quite frazzled and socially awkward. My motor control seemed a little off as well, my typing was a little inaccurate, although I was motivated to work pretty late into the night.
In the future I'll isolate Memantine and caffeine or Memantine and Racetams.

Day 2
I did a single memantine in the morning and then went to my favorite cafe. I had two large coffees like normal and the effect of the memantine was barely noticeable. Thankfully the vision impairment did not return. This time I isolated the caffeine. I didn't do any other smart drugs that day. There were no cognitive fireworks like the day before.

Day 3
Today I did Noopept and Uridine - no caffeine along with 10 milligrams of Memantine. I didn't notice a particularly potent effect from the Noopept or Uridine. I'm not sure if I like Memantine, I do kind of feel like I'm on drugs when I use it. I don't quite feel like myself on it. The upside is unimpressive.

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