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(Updated: December 16, 2015)
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It puts me into a state of pleasantly intense focus, but at the same time an energizing sensation of optimism about the work ahead of one’s self and the challenges presenting themselves.

As a Nootropic it's more of a samurai sword than a warhammer, at the recommended dosage the red pill formula is NOT as energizing as Piracetam. You can drink coffee on it without getting overwhelmed, which an addict of the sweet dark, antioxidizing nectar like myself appreciates.

Caballo is actually a pretty sublime social smart drug, the precision and certainty with which I speak and act while on it gives me a lot of confidence. I recently had one of the funnest nights I can remember at a swingers club while on a stack of 2 Caballo's, Phenibut and a coffee. My second language, Spanish, improves on it which is what I would expect from a quintessential smart drug. I find myself speaking more fluently in a flowing way and 'being present' to the conversation as opposed to searching my vocabulary and second guessing my grammar.

It doesn't disturb sleep, the first night I synthesized Caballo I was so excited to try it that I took it around 7PM. Usually doing Nootropics after 5PM is a recipe for poor sleep yet I found that I got sleepy like normal and fell asleep a little after midnight.

One thing I really like about Caballo in comparison to Modafinil, is that it doesn't make me sweaty. I find that with Modafinil and some other smart drugs, I will sweat heavily while dosed, while I'm not doing anything physically exhausting. I've always found this a little weird. Another advantage over Modafinil is that it kicks in faster, Modafinil takes sometimes up to 3 hours to take full effect, with Caballo it's 30-45 minutes.

Maybe what I appreciate most about Caballo, is while on it I just do 100% of what I know I should be doing.
I don't check Facebook when I should be working.
I don't look down at my phone every time I get notifications.
I don't aimlessly hop from browser tab to browser tab.
I don't let my mind linger uselessly on the drama in my personal life.
I don't read dumb blog posts when I should be reading Ayn Rand's books on my Kindle.
I don't make up excuses to not make important calls.
I don't skip my pushups in the morning.
I don't order that yummy sandwich or artisanal pizza, I have the steak salad.
I just do the right thing. More than any other smart drug I've tried, it's a self control lifehack.

The dosage sweet spot seems to be around 1600 - 2400 milligrams of the Red Pill formula, I found that if I upped the dosage much from that the ALPHA GPC, would make me drowsy - an infamous effect of ALPHA GPC. In future batches I may experiment with decreasing the Alpha GPC, it's potent stuff. I took as much as 6.5 grams; this put me into a state of exhaustion actually.

I did the alarm clock test with Caballo: Waking up early, dropping a few capsules with a glass of water and going back to bed. It's not a terribly energizing Nootropic and I found I went back to sleep for about an hour, it didn't wake me back it up.

I took Caballo once in a completely sleep deprived state, I had not slept at all, I arrived home at about 11AM, considered just hitting the sack for some badly needed sleep, but I decided to just try to power through the day, I dropped three Caballo's and put on a pot of coffee. I worked about 8 hours, on a little less demanding projects, ended up having a surprisingly productive day and went to bed early.

I have not yet run into a noticeable tolerance curve, after using it for an extended period of time, up to 6 days a week.

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