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My review of Caballo

Like I said you on Wednesday, the next day I had an exam about electromagnetism theory. I didn't study enough for it, and I had to study until 2 am to 3 am if I wanted to win it. Hence, I took one pill at 4.50 am when I woke up, because the exam was at 6 am. When I was doing the exam I felt good mentally, but tired physically. In the class I didn't have sleep, I was very focused, despite of don't having slept enough.
My academic problem don't finished there after exam (jajajaja). On friday at 6 am again, I had an exam about thermodynamic, and for that reason I took 2 pills more on Thursday. During the day I felt very very focused and without anxiety, this latter is good for me, because I be something nervous.
Because I'm a little nervous with exams when no time study. I had to read me 4 chapters of a book of many mathematical formulas, I could only read three.
Friday was the examination at 6 am, I did very well on the exam. I'm very happy with that.
Do not know how long this horse in the body, but I am usually very very very nervous to make a presentation, and I had an exhibition today. And the truth I did not feel nervous despite learn me almost an hour before the presentation.
Horse charm me, and I would like to get a few more, because next Saturday I have a partial examination of electromagnetic theory, and these tests are very complicated, because everything is physics mathematics applied.

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