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(Updated: September 24, 2015)
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Phenibut by the tub!

My first night on this was a little weird... I did about 800 milligrams, went out with my new German roommate (who it turns out, also drinks none-alcoholic beer), we bounced around a couple spots in Berlin, then I went to bed quiet tired at around probably 3AM. I tried to meditate - like I always do before sleep but was not even complete my meditation process. I fell asleep and awoke at about 3PM in the AFTERNOON, the next day.

I forgot to set my wake up time in Sleep Cycle but 12 hours is an obscene amount of sleep for me, suffice to say I awoke feeling very rested and a little irate at myself for whiling the whole day horizontal.

My typical bedtime routine is stretch, read in a dark room while listening to music then do 10 minutes of meditation in bed to clear my mind before sleep. I find that Phenibut is somewhat counter intuitive to a really good meditation session, I find my mind wandering more as I advance through the Blue Sky Meditation Protocol.

You should definitely plan on not getting shit done if you do Phenibut in the day...

It's a little bit devious because you feel quiet lucid on Phenibut, you don't really feel drunk. However, I'm becoming more wary of Phenibut as an intoxicant, I really do notice the drunk Jonathan coming out while I'm on Phenibut...
I went out to Colombian themed party (here in Berlin), which concluded with a live band, which was awesome, then I went and impulsively bought pizza around 4AM - which is not like me...
I've noticed myself tripping walking upstairs.
I'm more likely to forget people's names or details that where shared earlier in the conversation.

Once I finish this supply of Phenibut I probably will not reorder it because I'm feeling more and more like it's an intoxicant, that could become a vice, that will bring out the worst in me.

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