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I am working as a web-developer for my young start up wich is certainly the biggest challenge i've put myself through yet. I need to be really concentrated every day to put together a vision piece by piece, wich obviously can be a pain in the a** sometimes. As chance would have it i got my hands on a sample of the interesting smartdrug-product called "Caballo".

Normally i wouldn't consider taking any drugs or mind enhancer to be more focused at work and, withour trying to brag, i eat very clean and work out a lot so my mind is most probably in a pretty good shape ;) But everyone has his bad days as i mentioned, so a few weeks later (while i was having a hard time to stay focused for about 3 days) i decided to try one pill in the morning and see what happens. I must say that focusing was a bit less hard that day, but the effect was really subtle so i decided to give it a new try another day with two pills. Two weeks later i took the two pills in the morning again and went to work. Soon after my first (and only) coffee in the office i fell into my typical concentration routine wich surprisingly lasted the whole day. This time i was pretty sure that the Caballo did it's work there and gave me the total "in the zone" experience. Even after my lunch, wich is mostly the time i get a bit drowsy, i was still totally focused and able to get my coders groove on. ^^ The last two pills i tried some weeks later and it had the same effect wich was really pleasant as well.

I definitely recommend the Caballo smart drug, altough i think that it (as with all substances) shouldn't be taken too generously because it might fire back at you and cause loss of sleep wich will inevitably take effect on your concentration. But i think that it's the perfect substance to carry you over these typical gaps on our way grinding to the top!

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