Tel Aviv Biohacker Meetup

Tel Aviv Biohacker Meetup

What's up Tel Aviv!

I'd like to announce something educational (and free!) that you will definitely want to add to your calendar.


On the date in the below there will be a Limitless Mindset Offline Biohacker meetup at the venue listed below through the link on Eventbrite.Limitless Mindset Offline

What is a Biohacker? We'll address that question in much more depth at the meetup, but in short... A hacker is someone who wants to gain complete control of the system they are dealing with be it technological or social. A biohacker, therefore is someone who wants to gain complete control of their own biology using scientifically credible tools.

This is your invitation to meet those in your city who are into this exciting intersection of personal development via science and technology. It's also an opportunity to satisfy (and perhaps satiate) your curiosity about anti aging, along with hopefully getting some questions you may have answered about optimizing your biology for happiness and productivity.

LongecityWe are partnering with the most popular Biohacker forum online, to host Biohacker meetups in 25 cities world wide.

I think you'll find a lot of value in these meetups because as geeks and Biohackers we have a tendency to spend way to much time interacting with technology as opposed to other people. Technology and the Internet is awesome but it does cause this isolation where we spend way to much time staring at glowing screens which really does cost us happiness.

At the meetup you are obviously free to discuss whatever you want but to ensure a productive and educational meetup the suggested discussion themes are...

At this meetup there will not be any specific products or programs pitched to you, although there will likely be a frank discussion of a variety of performance enhancing tools and technologies.

The ultimate goal of Limitless Mindset Offline is for you to establish real life connections with other Biohackers who live in your city, who are into Biohacking and Lifehacking like you.
Think & Grow RichFor motivation and inspiration, there really is no substitute for spending time with other like-minded flesh and blood people. In Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill wrote:
When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony, and work toward a definite objective, they place themselves in position, through that alliance, to absorb power directly from the great universal storehouse of Infinite Intelligence. This is the greatest of all sources of power. (p. 121)
You know this is true because whenever you hear from really successful people they always list this as a really important factor of their success. So put this meetup on your calendar and I encourage you to attend this meetup with the purpose of finding at least one person that you can coordinate with long term in such a spirit of harmony.

If you think you maybe able to attend PLEASE take a moment NOW to RSVP here! If you have friends that would like to attend please have them also RSVP so that we can get an accurate idea of the attendees and can plan accordingly with the venue.

Also please see the map at of the other cities where we are doing Biohacker meetups, if you have friends in these cities who you think maybe interested please share their city's meetup with them.

If you're a little skeptical of Biohacking, that's totally understandable, it's actually a really complex topic. I'll direct your attention to two resources...
'Why Nootropics' Infographic - We've created an interactive flowchart that visually breaks down the spectrum of Nootropic effects by different individual ingredients. It's really cool and useful, I hope you'll check it out!
Limitless Mindset Youtube channel - Has over a hundred videos demystifying Biohacking and smart drugs that go really in depth into the findings of the human studies and scientific research. We publish new videos weekly about cutting edge science for optimizing your neurobiology.


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May 07, 2016


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