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Secret SocietyJR Pig SkypeThis is your invitation to join the Limitless Mindset Secret Society, this private community is a result of the really interesting conversations I've had with some very erudite Biohackers who responded to my 25 minute biohacking consultation offer, which I'll explain again below if you don't already know about it.

While the Biohacking forums online ( or the Bulletproof Forums), are surprisingly good, anyone on the internet can join them for free and say anything. You've probably been a part of enough 'free' networking communities (both online and in the 'real' world) to know that the quality of connections you make, the organization of events and information is usually pretty mediocre - you get what you pay for.

If you'd like to more meaningfully connect with a higher quality (dare I say... more elite) community of lifehackers and biohackers I'm going to create a small, private community of people who have taken advantage of my Biohacking consultation offer, so these will be people I've personally spoken with at length and vetted, they are people who are actually invested in their own Biohacking and kicking ass in life, not self help junkies.

The and my Youtube channel is getting to the point of popularity where unfortunately I can no longer maintain an virtual open door policy when it comes to all the questions people on the Internet have for me about smart drugs and biohacking. I will definitely be prioritizing questions that come in from this private community.

This Secret Society will be a private Google Plus (aka G+)

Google Plus CommunitiesWhy Google Plus?

  • While not the most popular social network, it's super easy and intuitive to use.
  • You probably already have the G+ app on your phone.
  • It's a completely ad free social network, way less distracting with significantly less photos of cats, half naked women, click bait articles and moronic political memes.
  • There's less concern about privacy and your data being shared with advertisers than with other social networks.
  • G+ allows me to host private, none-recordable webinars, this will allow me to share some edgier, more fringe Biohacking and social dynamics stuff with the private community, that I'm honestly not comfortable sharing publicly.

The end goal of this private group is for you to establish real life connections with other members who live in your city, who are into Biohacking and Lifehacking like you.
Whenever I move to a new city and one thing I'm struck by is the low quality of connections available at the free networking events...

The Internet certainly has made it easier than ever to find people to hang out with... But it's still kind of a challenge to find people that you can really connect intellectually with, this results in a situation where you have an overwhelming amount of options for your social life but at the same time you kind of suffer from intellectual loneliness. If you kind of feel the same, I hope to see you in the Secret Society.

You can participate as much or as little as you want in the Secret Society

In the future I may charge new members joining this private community (I'm seeing similar communities online priced around $50/monthly) but at this point it's open to anyone who takes advantage of my 25 minute Biohacking consultation offer.

The biohacking consultation works like this...

If you purchase at least $100 worth of Biohacking products via certain vendors on, I will include a 25 minute  consulting call with you, we can discuss:

We can talk about whatever you want!
Do take advantage of this offer sooner rather than later, as much as I enjoy chatting with people on Skype (and the few people I've met in person in cafes), these consultations do take a chunk of time out of my work week, I'm not sure how much longer I will be offering them...

Forward a receipt of your purchase to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Double check your spam or promotions folder! Unfortunately, sometimes my response emails end up there...

I have the vendors listed and linked below, yes you can mix and match products from different vendors.

  1. AfinilExpress $150
  2. Auragin $100
  3. Blue Brain Boost $150
  4. Bulletproof $200
  5. Caballo $100
  6. Focus Supplements (UK & EU) £100
  7. Health Ranger Store $200
  8. HeartMath emWave Technology
  9. IQ Mindware $100
  10. Lost Empire Herbs $100
  11. Natural Stacks $200
  12. $150
  13. Peak Nootropics $100
  14. Pure Nootropics $100
  15. RUPharma $150

If you are not sure what you would spend at least $100 on, below I've got an infographic-flowchart of a bunch of different effects of Nootropics, go look at that and select Nootropics based upon your goals. If you are looking for a smart drug that will really help with say social anxiety, there's four different options. If you are looking for coffee alternatives, here's some options...
Nootropics aren't exactly cheap, so it won't be that hard to spend a $100. For those of you who are new smart drugs, $100 will buy you 2-6 months supply of cognitive enhancement.

Secret Society Mastermind

Do you have a goal that (frustratingly!) eludes you?

  • You have a business idea that you keep saying you will work on but it still is not really off the ground.
  • You've been lazy about your personal fitness. You find that you keep making excuses about really tackling this area.
  • Perhaps you indulge in digital outrage-aholiscm, you are drawn to read news or media about crazy things in the world that piss you off.
  • Your career is stagnant, you've seemed to reach a plateau in your income.
  • You'd like to be better at mornings, waking up early and getting a lot done (this is mine!)
  • Maybe you have a vice or addiction that you shamefully (and secretly) keep returning to?
  • Perhaps you just can't seem to find love or hold on to love. You find yourself alone, again.

It's not a knowledge problem. You know what you should be doing to accomplish this elusive goal but lack the consistent motivation.

Well, I've got something that I think could make the difference... (not it's NOT another smart drug!)

Weekly Accountability Masterminds with social ostracization!

Once a week for less than 90 minutes you would meet in an online conference with 12 other people.
The first meeting everyone would have 5 minutes to introduce themselves and state an ambitious short term personal development or lifestyle habituation goal that they have for the next 2 months. It could be...

  • Find a new job.
  • No fap for 60 days
  • Go to gym 5 days a week
  • Write a blog daily
  • Make sales calls
  • Overcome approach anxiety
  • Spend time with family
  • Lose weight
  • Build a new social circle
  • Launch my startup
  • Raise my testosterone

In subsequent meetings you would have 5 minutes to describe progress made or challenges with your efforts that week.
We would have 30 minutes at the end of the call to give each other constructive feedback.
We could monitor each other using or
If you didn't accomplish your goal or make a serious effort towards it you'd be kicked out of the Secret Society. Adios!

A lot of entrepreneurship mastermind groups charge hundreds or thousands of dollars a year for this same sort of thing. I've talked to enough entrepreneurs that participate in them and report that it really is a game changer that I'd like to try it! It would be free as long as you were part of the Limitless Mindset Secret Society.

I think these mastermind groups could really give you an extra degree of motivation to accomplish the personal development and lifestyle habituation goals that have eluded you thus far. This would powerfully engage both the...
Social ostracization
Sunk cost
...motivational mechanisms since you don't want to be kicked out and everyone in the Secret Society spent at least $100 to get in.

An Ambitious Short Term Goal
Since Social ostracization and Sunk cost are quiet powerful motivational mechanisms, I encourage you to come up with a pretty ambitious goal.

  • Something that will be a real win for you.
  • Something that there's actually a chance of failing at.
  • Not something that you'll probably accomplish anyways.
  • It should be something that can be realistically accomplished in 2 months.

12 Members
The target size of the mastermind groups would be 12 members, enough people that we'll get some real diversity of experience and opinions, but it's small enough that you could actually get to know everybody in your group. Some even maybe smaller than 12 members but none will be larger.
The mastermind groups would be delineated by timezone and eventually maybe by city, as it grew. So nobody you would have to do a conference call at a crazy hour and if you were in a major city you could maybe even meetup with the other members of your group.

90 Minutes?
I came up with 90 minutes because if the mastermind group has 12 members and each takes 5 minutes that's 60 minutes and then we could spend up to 30 more minutes giving each other feedback. So if the group is smaller than 12 people or if everyone avoids being really long winded it will end up being less than 90 minutes, a lot of times, but it could be as much as 90 minutes.
Your obligation would just be to do a 60 minute call. If after everyone had shared their goals progress or challenges and you had nothing further to say to anyone you could drop off the call.

Test Drive
Everyone would first get to test drive the mastermind group. You could attend the initial online conference and have your 5 minutes to introduce yourself and receive feedback on your short term goal before you committed to the mastermind group. If it seemed like a waste of time, you would have no obligation to return.
A new member's test drive would also kind of be like a job interview in that the existing members could anonymously veto and dis-invite them from returning to the mastermind, if someone attends who is just a bad fit for the group.
I think making the test drive kind of like a first datewill incentivize everyone to try to impress each other and really give value.

If you wanted to be in the mastermind group, there would be a 2 month commitment. You would have to commit to doing a digital conference once a week at the same time, with a single pass to skip a call if your house burns down or some crazy act of god prevents from being able to get on a call.

If you feel like you've had any motivational blind spots that you've struggled with for over 5 years please respond with
1) Your timezone
2) Your city
3) An ambitious short term (2 month) goal you have

How to get Nootropics Internationally...

Finally... has +400 pages of information demystifying Lifehacking, Biohacking and Smart Drugs - that's kind of an overwhelming amount of information. As soon as you join the Limitless Mindset Community (It's free!) we give you instant access to an interactive infographic which visually breaks the widely disparate topics we cover in exhaustively in our articles, videos and podcasts.

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