Orange Color Therapy Glasses

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Orange Color Therapy Glasses

Looking at TVs, smartphone or tablets screens and even fluorescent light after dark can wreak havoc on your circadian rhythm:

  • Preventing the release of Melotonin and other neurotransmitters that promote good sleep.
  • Release of stress hormones in your body.
  • A feeling of restlessness.
  • A none-stop train of thoughts while trying to fall asleep.

Promotes premature aging, by looking at lighting your trick your 'croc brain' into believing another day has started.
For the last 2 hours of the day wear these orange glasses to block out the spectrum of the light that throws your nervous system into havoc and prevents restorative sleep.

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Suggested Use
Wear them the last 2 hours you are awake during the day


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Dave Asprey, Biohacker
Chris Kresser, Integrative medical practitioner and healthy skeptic
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The neurotransmitters of sleep.

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