Inner Balance™ Trainer

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Inner Balance™ Trainer

An innovative self-monitoring and HRV training system for iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

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  • For Shift Working Paleohackers +

    According to one Paleohacker:
    "I work in a constant stimulating environment full of sick patients, artificial light, long hours and shifts that don't work with a mammalian sleep pattern. I have an EmWave and it not only helps me decompress but it enhances my body's ability to do the same thing naturally. I have seen my resting heart rate decrease, my feelings of work being stressful or unmanageable be obliterated with one session during or after my shift. I noticed a decrease in disagreements with my beautiful girlfriend. Back to the enhancing - it improves my sleep quality and eating patterns, I eat what I need to and during sleep I achieve more deep and restorative REM sleep - quicker to sleep, less light sleep and more restful upon waking. I have quantified proof that through controlling variables and integrating the EmWave 2..."

  • Great meditation companion +

    TrishE from Loveland, CO USA (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "I have meditated for years. Practicing coherence with this wonderful feedback tool has opened new awareness during day to day activities and during meditation. I practice coherence separate from my meditation practice - it has shown me how often I pop up into thinking, and is helping me to spend more time disengaged from thought, more time being present in my body, with my breath. Even if you have no interest in meditation, this is a tool whose benefits of calm and present moment awareness seep into all areas of life."

  • Helpful device +

    Kate McMurry from United States (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "In short, the Emwave2 basically functions as an inexpensive version of a biofeedback machine and, as such, is a great buy."

  • Fantastic Product +

    HanselIdes (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "I have a motor-mind; it never shuts up and I don't spend enough time relaxing. So, meditation as a way to de-stress and clear my mind seems like an awesome idea. The problem with meditation is that I get bored easily. Being able to watch my heart rate change (desktop option) and feel how each 'murmur' in my emotions has a physical effect on me has really opened my mind to think of deep breathing as a viable health option. After 10 minutes focusing on deep breathing in sync with my heart rate with the Emwave2, I feel much more relaxed."

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An innovative self-monitoring and training system for iPhone, iPad and iTouch


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Inner Balance Trainer
Inner Balance Trainer Review (640x360)
emWave2 vs EQPro: Heart Rate Variability while Dual N-Back Brain Training
Inner Balance Trainer

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