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Bromantane was developed in the 1970's at the Research Institute of Pharmacology in Russia, Bromantane was the first pharmaceutical of its kind that exhibited simultaneously both mild psychostimulating and anxiolytic effects.

It's been studied world wide and has been the subject of about 10 articles of human research in the past 10 years that can be found on Pubmed which is relatively small compared to some cognitive enhancers; Semax in comparison has 30 articles of human research.


This is a smart drug that I've heard described in quiet grandiose terms from veteran Biohackers with a little higher risk tolerance. From an experienced Nootropics user in my inner circle:
I have a pretty extensive history with nootropics but going into bromantane I was not expecting anything like this. I have several severe mental problems and I do not use the word severe lightly.

I noticed within a few hours of my first dose that I was going to like it and for some reason knew it would help me and I have never got that feeling ever from a medication or chemical. The fact that it lasted almost all day made it better.

I went with the pegelated bromantane and loved it and noticed energy within 2 hours but not the energy that you get from stimulants but you are up cleaning and doing and getting things done and that's a significant difference that a lot of people look for in something when looking for motivation. Bromantane genuinely motivates you. Also it seemed to live up to its "bro" name and kinda made me act a bit more alpha... while on it. Some people don't get this or any positive benefit from the drug but wow my brain was waiting for this. I just had no idea. If they ever... create[d] a drug that turned you into a type-b person into a type-a person, this is it!

I feel confident and comfortable and in control but not high. Also very important because being normal is just that. Not being high. Not feeling in control because of euphoria but being in control because it just puts you straight into clutch mode.

We have a lot to learn from bromantane. I know I did and it's changed my life.

It did make me require less sleep. And I did take my dog out in the snow in my boxers several times and noticed it's ability to make me just not be bothered by the cold. I'm sure my neighbors liked that

It seemed to cause a sexual appetite increase as well. In fact this became an issue. I'd dose and 2 hours later I'd really be down to have some intimate time with my girl who wasn't always down which turned into a really good thing. I began to work out.
In fact by day 3 on bromantane I was working out almost 2 times a day.

I took creatine with it and amino acids especially the ones that induce growth l-arginine L-ornathine l-lysine since bromantane actually modulates your DNA at its very base my increasing the amounts of the four basic amino acids in your DNA.

I can see why people would be into it for a study drug. My brain worked much faster as it healed it and I was basically smarter while I took it an more importantly was in "a game" mode when I took it which is exactly what I needed. I even wondered if it or something like it is the NZT mane say is real. Bromantane is worth more than a try in my honest opinion.

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