Green Tea

Green Tea
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The mechanism of action Green Tea employs has to do with the high concentration of flavonoids (Vitamin P) in it. Flavonoids, are 'response modifiers' which can change viruses, allergens, and carcinogens in the body.

Additionally it improves the immune system by increasing regulatory T Cells, importantly green tea has strong antioxidant properties so it is also neuroprotective. Green tea consistently boosts metabolism so it will result in increased bodily energy.

Grean tea also contains a high amount of Theanine, a psychoactive which can cross the blood brain barrier, where it fights stress, it also promotes alpha-brain wave patterns, alpha is associated with meditation, concentration and creativity. Similar to the racatams family of nootropics it also increases neuroreceptivity of dopamine and AMPA receptivity. Some bloggers also report a sensation of tranquility a few hours after taking L-Theanine.

Green tea does possess some nootropic properties but taking it alone will result in limited cognitive gains. However, the ancillary health benefits of green tea will result in a number of long term benefits that will lead to a limitless life. A study (Green tea consumption and cognitive function: a cross-sectional study from the Tsurugaya Project) of +1000 elderly Japanese women demonstrated that higher consumption of green tea was associated with much lower rates of cognitive impairment. An Israeli study on EGCG, an antioxidant green tea contains, showed that it could

Green Tea comes from the leaves of the flowering plant Camellia sinensis and has a rich history as an important part of asian folk medicine used to treat digestive issues, fatigue, healing of wounds and body temperature. When shopping for green tea look for gyokuro (‘Jade Dew’), this tea is grown for a full 20 days, it has a higher concentration of theanine amino acids. In addition to great taste it’s supposed to have a slightly psychoactive focusing effect on the drinker.

There are numerous short and long term benefits of drinking green tea; green tea actually contains more flavonoid phytochemicals naturally than any other natural product (wine, fruit, juice, etc). It also boosts metabolism which is helps to prevent obesity. Green tea is also a topoisomerase inhibitor which helps prevent microbial infections.


Nootropic Ingredients

Green tea is very safe to consume. Typical recommendations are 3-5 cups daily, some sources recommend drinking as much as 10 cups per day. Green tea does contain caffeine so if you are sensitive to caffeine you may want to decrease intake or get caffeine free green tea. I have drunk up too two pots daily of green tea with no adverse effects other than having to go to the bathroom frequently.


Green Tea Supplements

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