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By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Another exotic Russian smart drug and the best value offering of the Racetam family.

It's an economically unique Nootropic with a high affinity to Piracetam, although with a more subtle psychostimulatory effect.

Why Racetams?

While Noopept is a favorite of Biohackers - you could spend many hours reading online in forums and watching Youtube videos with first hand accounts of it's Nootropic effects - as a Nootropic supplement it has a lack of human studies documenting cognition enhancing powers. Noopept is no stranger to the international research community with +70 listings for it on Pubmed, however keep in mind that when it comes to studies quality outweighs quantity and in this respect it is quiet possibly the least documented member of the Racetam family. Many of the benefits presented in this article will be based upon animal studies and anecdotal accounts.

Aesthetically, as a generic white powder with a bitter taste it's virtually indistinguishable from Piracetam.The big difference though, from a consumer perspective, between Piracetam and Noopept is the dosage required for effect.

  • Piracetam dosages can be as high as several grams daily (Personally I take 3-4 grams)
  • Noopept recommended dosage is 10 Milligrams - 30 Milligrams daily (less than 10%)

The bang for the the buck this Nootropic represents is like a Russian hydrogen bomb exploding in some extreme corner of Siberia. It's an impressive value in comparison to Piracetam and virtually every other Nootropic on the market. The standard 5 gram supply of Noopept ($12), at a higher dosage of 20 Milligrams daily will last you 250 days - the better part of year!
It comes in a much smaller container which is convenient for those taking Nootropics while traveling or packing light. The small size of the package, also makes it more affordable for those abroad who need their Nootropics shipped internationally.

For the cognitive enhancement atheists out there, Noopept couldn't be a more affordable experiment with supplies starting at 1 Gram for $5. For those who insist upon taking their smart drugs in capsule form, you can get 90 capsules for about $18 (or better yet, get a pill capping device).

Noopept is water-soluble, which makes consumption super convenient, it will dissolve uniformly in a glass of water or (my favorite) green tea. Although the most effective way to take it is sub-lingually, meaning that you place it below your tongue and let it dissolve into the floor of your mouth.
Self reporters throughout popular biohacker forums seem to agree that the taste isn't great but not as bad as some powdered Racetams.

Many reviewers report exciting effects on the senses, at higher dosages:effects on the senses
Sight - Reds are more red, blues are more blues.
Sound - Conversations with friends are more engaging, nature sounds are more pronounced, music and bass are more enjoyable.
Touch - Increased awareness of hot/cold, sensations are heightened while touching animals or loved ones.

The single high quality human study of Noopept, Comparative studies of Noopept and piracetam in the treatment of patients with mild cognitive disorders in organic brain diseases of vascular and traumatic origin, was conducted in 2009 over 56 days at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow.single human study
It was comprised of:

  • 53 persons with cognitive issues
  • 10 Milligrams twice a day
  • This human study also collaborated the conclusion of the animal studies in regards to it's positive effect for those suffering with depression.

Noopept produced heightened alpha/beta1 EEG brain wave patterns, according to a 2011 Moscow study, which we associate with intellectual activity and outwardly focused concentration.

Noopept has an excitatory psychostimulatory effect.

psychostimulatory effect
To quote a 2003 Russian study
"...Possible mechanisms underlying changes in the membrane potential of synaptoneurosomes induced by nootropic agents are discussed. It was interesting whether modulation of electrogenesis can improve memory and potentiate the neuroprotective effect of the test nootropic agents."
Throughout the scientific literature and first hand accounts, I kept hearing it described as subtle; it does not hit you with a jolt of energy or creativity 15-30 minutes after dosing as some Nootropics do. It seems to have something of a cumulative effect that grows over time, after a few days or weeks of supplementing it delivers it's memory and sense enhancing effects to a higher degree.

Skeptics will of course attribute this to a placebo effect. Which could be the case but I bet you could find at least 50 Noopept human study participants in Moscow who would strongly beg to differ.

Low priced yet highly beneficial, it's no surprise that it's a product of the free market, first synthesized in Russia in 1996.

There are two proposed mechanisms of action of Noopept:

Sensitizing effect on acetylcholine processes - Noopept has a 'cholinosensitizing' effect, wherein acetylcholine delivery to the neuron is improved.
Induction of neurotrophin production - according to a 2008 study, which found that it calibrated Brain-derived neurotrophic factor. To quote the study:
"Our results are consistent with the hypothesis that neurotrophin synthesis in the hippocampus determines cognitive function, particularly in consolidation and delayed memory retrieval... In light of this our findings suggest that Noopept holds much promise to prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease in patients with mild cognitive impairment."
Based upon examination of brain concentrations it can cross the blood-brain barrier.

Along with Aniracetam it is an anxiolytic, social anxiety alleviating agent. social anxiety alleviating agent
On the Longecity forums it is frequently praised as a social smart drug, to quote one Biohacker's detailed account:

"...subtle yet profound. First of all if I didn't feel any thing other than the improved coordination and mental functioning after consuming many alcoholic drinks I'd say that alone was an amazing discovery. Think of the social ramifications! Moving on. Many people report this serene feeling. To me its more of a reassuring feeling. But, again, very subtle. What is not subtle has less to do with overall mood and more with verbal fluency. And by that I mean the ability to easily express your thoughts without having to pause very often to search for words. Speech is free flowing and, while not a euphoric high some might be searching for, it serves a great benefit for social situations"

At least one videoblogger anecdotally reported to that it helped a lot with remembering people's names along with language learning.

There's also a number of anecdotal reports of it improving quality of sleep along with stimulating more vivid dreams with J.J. Abrams-esque arching story lines.


Due to it's profound affects on the memory choline precursors like Alpha GPC or Choline Bitrate are a great idea.

Other Racetams

Other Racetams

Nootropic Ingredients


Orally 10 Milligrams and 30 Milligrams, although dosages as high as 60 Milligrams are reported.

Side Effects:

The human study found that, like other Racetams, it's very well tolerated. The worst side effects reported, even anecdotally were headaches or brain fog at mega-doses, which is what you would expect from a Racetam.



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Noopept as a Nootropic: an Economical Social Smart Drug with Subtle Psychostimulatory Effects


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