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A potent 5-HTP and nutricuitical empowered serotonin stack from the creators of AlphaBrain.

Editor's note: I'm not sure why this product contains L-Tryptophan also, 5-HTP is the what Tryptophan metabolizes into once consumed so that seems superflous.

 New MOOD by Onnit

Mind Power Products

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Supplement or Drug

Type of Consumable
Pill or Capsule
L-Tryptophan: Found commonly in turkey, aids in restfulness and converts to 5-HTP.
Vitamin D-3: The "sunlight" vitamin, linked to overall health and positive mood.
Chamomile: The most popular relaxation herb in the world.
Valerian Root: A clinically investigated sleep inducing nutrient.
Lemon Balm: A mild traditional mood-enhancing herb that is part of the mint family.
Jujube: A traditional anti-stress and relaxation extract, also known as zyzyphus.


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