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Brain Strong Adult DHA by Amerifit Nutrition

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Brain Strong Adult DHA by Amerifit Nutrition

Natural DHA Daily Supplement. Powered by Life’s DHA. Clinically shown to improve memory and naturally supports mental clarity. Helps protect against normal cognitive decline as we age. Strengthen your brain and boost your short-term memory, naturally! Maintain a healthy brain as you age is easier than you think. Regular exercise, getting enough sleep and eating healthy, well-balanced diet with a sufficient amount of the omega-3, DHA will certainly help. DHA is the healthy fatty acid that helps keep our brains running optimally as we age. In fact, 97% of the omega-3 fats in the brain are DHA!

Brainstrong Adult is uniquely formulated with Life’s DHA, the only source of DHA clinically shown to improve memory in adults over 55, plus l-theanine and green tea extract to naturally support mental sharpness and energy. Taken as directed, Brainstrong Adult will naturally protect your brain against normal cognitive decline associated with aging as well as enhance your mental clarity. Life’s DHA is from an all-natural, vegetarian source of DHA; not fish. You get the benefits of DHA without the worry of ocean-borne pollutants and toxins potentially found in certain fish.

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