Gotu Kola by Lost Empire Herbs

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Gotu Kola by Lost Empire Herbs

The ancient herb of enlightenment

Thai Longecity user makes a good point
It does grows in moist places, along canals and ditches (as well as mountain streams and even on lawns provided the atmospheric and soil conditions are right), and it is like an environmental cleaner, as it soaks up pathogens and heavy metals, which do end up in the plant.

But such concerns are not valid with organically grown gotu kola. Of course, given the lack of regulation of the supplement industry, even a claim from a brand to be organic may not necessarily withstand scrutiny, since there is so little such scrutiny actually performed, and many herbs are bought in bulk from India and China where business is unregulated and the desire to make a quick buck is huge.

So I would advice caution, unless you have good knowledge of the ultimate source. If you're in the right climate zone, grow your own like I do!
This is why I recommend getting your Gotu Kola from a source that provides

  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Heavy Metals and Minerals Report
  • Microbiological Reports

The best value source I've been able find that makes these product quality audits publicly available is Lost Empire Herbs, they sell Powdered Organic Gotu Kola for $35.

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  • Certificate of Analysis by 3rd Party Lab
  • Certified Organic
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Vegan Friendly
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