Uridine Monophosphate

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Uridine Monophosphate

Higher Strength Uridine Monophosphate

For bio-hackers looking for high-strength, try our brand new "High Strength" 325mg capsules. Uridine is a naturally occurring compound is often taken in combination with a Choline supplement (Alpha GPC and CDP Choline).

Alpha GPC + Uridine

Uridine and Alpha GPC, a potent choline source, support and modulate your acetylcholine system.

  • It's a cognitive enhancer that will likely make you a better programmer, designer or student. From a 2003 Dutch study  A combination of uridine and choline administration improved selective attention and spatial learning...
  • The combination promotes Neuroplasticity; building and repairing synaptic connections and grey matter to correspond to new skills we are trying to cultivate or meaningful personal development.
  • Want good genes? Uridine is an essential cog in the RNA encoding mechanism.
  • Fish oil (DHA specifically) is a potent Nootropic cofactor, known as the Mr Happy Stack.

From a University of Utah, placebo controlled 2010 spectroscopy study that gave 2 grams of Uridine daily to healthy males

This is the first study to report a direct effect of uridine on membrane phospholipid precursors in healthy adults using [magnetic resonance spectroscopy]. Sustained administration of uridine appears to increase [phosphomonoesters] in healthy subjects.

This indicates strongly that it maybe very helpful for treating bipolar depression.

Articles of Human Research in Past 10 Years: Over 1500

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Uridine as a Nootropic: the Cofactor that comes from Beer (+Rant)

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