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Booze Pax by Dr. Cory

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Booze Pax by Dr. Cory

a high quality, specific nutrient combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs to help prevent and recover from hangovers

Eat, Drink and be Merry AND Protect your Brains and Bodies. One Party Pax before bed starts tomorrow's recovery- tonight.

Stock up for yourself, put in a bowl for your holiday party guests and as stocking stuffers.  And besides, what better gift to give the party-er who has everything?

The Booze Pax provides all-natural support for alcohol consumption-- not only for the big nights out, but also for anytime you are going to have a few drinks.  Did you know that even a fraction of an ounce of alcohol is toxic to the liver?  This lovely pack consists of 4 herbal and nutrient based formulas designed to protect your liver and help you detox alcohol from your system, minimizing hangovers. 

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