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August Biohacking Q&A

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Q & A

I'll be answering some of the August Biohacking and lifehacking questions in the Q&A podcasts below.


Could it just be that being involved in funding a new drug or mixture of drugs, which are not FDA approved, not licensed for use as a medicine or supplement even, is probably fraught with massive legal risks in the US? Imagine a bunch of people take this "nootropic" have a bad reaction or experience some serious lasting side effects. Anyone who is involved in bringing that product to market is going to be in the firing line for not running clinical trials and/or getting it licensed approved for human use. Anyone involved could be facing potentially million dollar lawsuits and/or fines if it's a big seller, and possibly could be looking at even jail time if someone dies from taking this. Therefore, it would be very important to get product liability insurance in place. However with a product like this and the type of users of it ingesting God knows what, these types of risks are unknown quantities and thus toxic, as far as insurance companies go.. I doubt you will find any insurance company willing to take on such a product. Sorry to sound like a downer on what might be a good product and idea, but just being realistic here.
Can see you are very passionate about this.
Is drug dealing on YouTube legal?

Jonathan I get 60 30mg adderall for 20 dollars. The money is not my issue. What I’m concerned about is, one modafinil equal to one 30 mg adderal?

Since they are focus promoting pharmaceuticals a lot of comparisons get made between the Modafinil and popular ADHD medication. There's a common mis-perception that Modafinil utilizes a similar mechanism of action to the popular ADHD drugs, a French study of 33 humans found distinct difference between Modafinil and the amphetamine powered stimulants:
"These findings demonstrate that the alertness-promoting effects of modafinil and d-amphetamine involve distinct EEG activities and do not reside on the same vigilance regulatory processes."

We never remember everything we experience yet this Mandela effect phenomenon is not the result of FALSE MEMORIES and I wish people stop saying it is. Just because one person may remember something one way and another remembers it a different way doesn't mean that one of them are wrong. In fact they both are correct, especially when you have such large groups of people who recall things one way or the other, one can't just write it off as false memories... Besides people are getting way too caught up in the things that are changing like logos, movie bits etc and missing the bigger picture.

Hi Limitless, Are you saying that google trends is showing the 'mandela' answer more than the actual query because of auto correction? Memes are only spread on popular stuff.. how do you explain the effects on non popular aspects?

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