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#27 Lifehacking Self Control with Dr. Cory and Dr. Goldsmith

By Jonathan Roseland  Connect    

Life Hacking Self Control
In this episode I'm joined by Dr. Cory Reddish a Naturopathic Doctor, Entrepreneur and Infamous Enabler of People having a Damn Good Time at Burning Man. We are going to be discussing 18 life hacks for rock solid self control along with how to biohack the negative affects on our minds from consuming alcohol and even hard party drugs. Also includes quick interview with Dr. Kelly Goldsmith, author the landmark study on self control, When Guilt Begets Pleasure: The Positive Effect of a Negative Emotion.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • What is a natueropathic doctor?
  • The problem: in the health world and the personal development world, you hear a lot of general suggestions about self control... Like you should get enough sleep, you shouldn't drink, alcohol, you should exercise more, you shouldn't waste time watching TV, you should keep track of how you spend your money, you shouldn't eat junk food. These suggestions are kind of useless if we don't have enough self control in the first place to apply them and stick with them.
  • Neuro-Addrenal testing for determining how our Nuerotransmitters are affecting our self control.
  • How moralizing activities affects self control.
  • Chocolate and Green Tea for self control
  • Jonathan is a breakfast athiest, Dr. Cory proselytizes.
  • Insights on tech addiction from the Wisdom 2.0 Conference.
  • Taking Nootropics and their cofactors to increase self control: 5-HTP with Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C, Piracetam with Alpha GPC or Choline, Tyrosine with B Vitamins.

Dr. Cory on the web: @GoodHealthyFun &

Pr. Kelly Goldsmith on the web: @ProfGoldsmith

18 Lifehacks for Self Control:

  1. Don't Moralize Your Habits and Activities
  2. Your Brain is Crappy Predictor of Future Pleasure *
  3. Minimize Exposure *
  4. Arbitrary Habit Formation Triggers Gains in Universal Self Control
  5. Habit Formation Process
  6. Stress depletes self control
  7. Addiction to Tech
  8. Using the Fear Trigger for Willpower
  9. Nootropics and self control
  10. Practice of compartmentalization
  11. 10 minutes of meditation daily significantly increases will power
  12. Regular Physical Exercise Correlates to Gains in Self Control
  13. Snack throughout the day
  14. Switch Hands *
  15. Reruns of TV shows & self control *
  16. Try to move tasks, that require a lot of your strength and willpower to earlier in the day *
  17. Liquid Boosters of Will Power *
  18. Dual N-Back Training *

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