The neuro- and psychophysiological effects of bromantane

The neuro- and psychophysiological effects of bromantane

The study of EEG and psychophysiological parameters and their correlations in 10 healthy volunteers after single oral administration of bromantan in comparison with placebo revealed favourable influence of the drug on operators' functional state. By EEG-profile (increase in middle-frequency alpha-rhythm power with lowering of powers in delta- and beta1-bands) bromantan is similar to many drugs with moderate psychostimulating, antiamnestic and antihypoxic properties. Bromantan does not alter the subjective state and principal components of operators' performance in untired men but promotes the appearance of EEG-signs of moderate vigilance rise and forming of productive action state coupled with favourable for precise motor performance tremor reduction. Operator's functional state optimization leads to extension of reserve abilities and probably causes efficiency of bromantan as a well known remedy for maintenance of high working capacity in tired operators and under extreme conditions.

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Viatleva OA, Barchukov VG, Morozov IS, Salenko IuA, Zhirnov EN.
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